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Rectification of birth time

What constitutes the moment of birth? The first breath of the infant would probably rate as number one choice amongst astrologers. Other times such as the appearance of the head or the cutting of the cord have their advocates as well. All would agree the all important moment is somewhere close to these if not actually any of the aforementioned.

The Nadi Technique of rectification locates the time of birth as a moment near these times but not necessarily any of these precise times.

The Nadi method emerges from ancient Hindu Astrology and is virtually unknown in the west. The basis of the system is that throughout the day there are times at fairly regularly spaced intervals at which life begins; that is life from an astrological viewpoint. If you are present at a birth and with an accurately timed stopwatch capture the moment thinking that you have it then you might have to think again. The Nadi method seems to suggest that the first breath can be the birth moment but this is not always the case. There can in fact be two birth times; a physical birth time and an Astrological birth time.

According to the Nadi method the times of birth spaced throughout the day are predetermined times for which horoscopes are to be timed. What predetermines these times? In a rather convoluted and characteristically quaint Hindu Astrology fashion nine variable values are employed to arrive at the birth time. Some of the factors under employ are:

  • Day of week
  • Sex of the individual
  • Date of birth
  • Birth Place
  • Time of sunrise
  • Ayanamsa (the Tropical/Sidereal Zodiac difference)

By application of a simple formula these variables give us the time of birth. It is worth keeping in mind that the time of birth located by the Nadi method can sometimes be up to 30 - 40 minutes prior to a written recorded time or even a little later than the recorded time. Of course someone’s memory of the birthtime can be even more astray. For all sorts of reasons personal recollection of the birth time can be a long way out.

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