Sample Tarot Reading



1 Covers You: King of Wands

The atmosphere and influences affecting the situation.


The focus is on self-assertion and ambition, business, finance, planning, constructing, developing and future unfoldment, contact with others but standing alone, and/or a person with an Aries-type temperament.


2 Crosses You: The Fool

Obstacles that stand in your way.


You will be disappointed in your inability to maintain control over uncontrollable situations, your need to be the harbinger of bad tidings, or you making a mistake because you didn't follow your own counsel.


You will live life as you see fit, without the need for "votes," and your friends and business associates will be friendly, loving, and supportive. Old wounds will begin to heal.


3 Crowns You: Four of Disks

Your aims or ideals, the best that can be achieved in the situation.


Mundane: What is success really worth? Are you willing to pay the price?

Esoteric: If obstacles are confronting you, it's because you're moving in the wrong direction or proceeding in error. More facts need to be uncovered.


You'll be successful in business transactions that involve bartering, calculating and analysis, and in forming new partnerships.


4 Beneath You: Ace of Disks

The foundation or basis of the situation. What the past has given you to use.

The Home

If in business for yourself, or working out of your home, you will have a sudden surge in activity and you may soon buy something that you couldn't afford or put off buying before. Perhaps a house.


You are going to receive money you should have gotten before; and/or an invitation to a social event, dinner party or fund-raising benefit.


5 Behind You: Five of Cups

The recent past. Influences passing out ot the situation.


Your emotional attachment to a situation is going to end.


6 Before You: XVII The Star

Immediate future. Influences passing into the situation.


You will receive help or guidance from a teacher, friend, or other.


7 Your Role: Ace of Swords

Your significator, your position and attitude in the situation.


The focus is on a period of pressure, tension, anxiety, and explosive situations related to correspondence, communications, and responses from others.


8 Environment: XIX The Sun

Your "house". The circumstances and immediate friends that influence the situation.


Mixing business with friendship could prove to be a bad idea now.

The Home

Your work will take you away from home, and you will be improving your surroundings or appearance. And/or, someone will call regarding a new home.


You will talk with a relative but will feel that they aren't really with you.


9 Hopes & Fears: III The Empress

The hopes and fears of the situation.


Communicating with others will be a strain, and you will be frustrated because you'll feel you're in a "holding" pattern.


You are discontented because something is missing or lacking in your life or because you want to find something creative, meaningful, or fulfilling to do, but you don't know what.


10 Culmination: Nine of Disks

The culminating card, the final result of the situation.


You will serve others, increase your earnings and promote yourself or your business, but unless you make a move (or amends), your desire for a partnership or union will be unfulfilled.




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