An Astrological Report on the Relationship Between

Princess of Wales Diana and Prince of Wales Charles

Interpreted by Bernie Ashman





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Christine Bennett

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The Astrological Chart


Composite Chart (with Derived Cusps)
For Princess of Wales Diana and Prince of Wales Charles
At: Sydney, AUSTL 151E13'00" 33S52'00"







House Cusps






01 16Ar35'






02 15Ta54'



05Vi05' R



03 15Ge17'






04 18Ca10'






05 17Le26'



17Cp29' R



06 16Vi49'



16Sc32' R



07 16Li35'






08 15Sc54'



26Li23' R



09 15Sg17'






10 18Cp10'






11 17Aq26'






12 16Pi49'

Part Fortn








01Ca50' R





The Natal Charts

Princess of Wales Diana Prince of Wales Charles
Jul 01, 1961 Nov 14, 1948
07:45:00 PM GMD -01:00 09:14:00 PM GMT +00:00
Sandringham, UK London, UK
000E30'00" 52N50'00" 000W10'00" 51N30'00"

Sun at 09Ca40' in 07th. Sun at 22Sc25' in 04th.
Moon at 25Aq02' in 03rd. Moon at 00Ta26' in 10th.
Mercury at 03Ca12' in 07th. Mercury at 06Sc57' in 04th.
Venus at 24Ta24' in 05th. Venus at 16Li23' in 04th.
Mars at 01Vi39' in 09th. Mars at 20Sg57' in 05th.
Jupiter at 05Aq06' in 02nd. Jupiter at 29Sg53' in 05th.
Saturn at 27Cp49' in 02nd. Saturn at 05Vi16' in 02nd.
Uranus at 23Le20' in 09th. Uranus at 29Ge56' in 11th.
Neptune at 08Sc38' in 10th. Neptune at 14Li08' in 04th.
Pluto at 06Vi03' in 09th. Pluto at 16Le34' in 01st.
Midheaven at 23Li03' in 10th. Midheaven at 13Ar16' in 10th.
Ascendant at 18Sg24' in 01st. Ascendant at 05Le23' in 01st.
Node at 29Le43' in 09th. Node at 03Ta56' in 10th.
Part Fortn at 03Le46' in 08th. Part Fortn at 13Cp23' in 06th.

Interpretive text copyright 1998 by Bernie Ashman

Copyright 1985-2003 Matrix Software, Inc.


The Playing Field


Welcome Princess of Wales and Prince of Wales, to Simpaticos, an analysis of your relationship, through the use of a unique tool, the Composite Chart. This is a type of chart that astrologers use to get an overview of a partnership. It is constructed by using the midpoints between each of your individual charts. The Composite Chart is a Blueprint that represents a symbolic meeting place of your shared mental, physical, emotional and spiritual chemistry.

Have you wondered why the two of you find it easier to agree on some topics and experience distance when trying to discuss others? This report will likely touch on some areas where you might need insight.

There are no perfect relationships. We can strive to make our interactions with others more productive and meaningful. The pages that follow will describe places of harmony in your relationship. It will also point to places of potential conflict. You will notice that some descriptions will appear to contradict each other. Astrology offers a lens through which to view a wide variety of ways to express ourselves in order to make better use of our vast resources.

Relationships are made more from the fabric of a verb, rather than that of a noun. They are in a continuous process of becoming. You will eventually have changing expectations of one another. Your individual search for growth and new direction is rewarding and yet can create tension. It is important to find ways to make room for your individual needs. Nothing truly stays the same. Perhaps this report will inspire the two of you to finds ways to mentally stay on the same page. Communication is so vital in clearly relating to each other.

Romantic love is a powerful belief system in modern day society. Some people have even compared it to a religion. Our faith goes out to another person. Romance charges a relationship with more emotional intensity than any other type of partnership. Many of our hopes and dreams are invested in finding a soul mate.

We seek happiness in a lover. How can such a simple thing get so complicated? It's that each of us has our own definition of happiness.

This report could create new options. Relax. It is not intended to judge either of you. Pause if something makes you take a deep look at yourself or your partner. Each of us is really a student of life when it comes to relationships. Learning how to communicate and to truly hear the mind and heart of another person is a life long quest. Remember that you are not alone when it comes to understanding how to better handle your human relations.

Princess of Wales and Prince of Wales, try to let your eyes scan the pages that follow with an open mind. Perhaps you will be stimulated into taking a refreshing look at one another!

Happy Navigating!


The Players: The 10 Planets

Part One: The Lead Roles

The Sun

The Sun is the center of our solar system. It generously shares its radiance with the other planets. In Astrology, the Sun is the heart of the chart. It points to ways that your relationship needs to confidently shine. Keep the fires of your Sun burning brightly and proudly together. Love will follow. Happiness will fill your minds, bodies and souls. The Sun stands for ego needs, will power and creative vitality.

Forget your own Sun signs for the moment, Princess of Wales and Prince of Wales.

Your shared Sun sign could be different than your individual Sun signs. Remember that we are talking about your combined Sun. It is the fusion of your two hearts.

Sun in Virgo

A Sign is a psychological process through which a planet operates. As a couple, being solarized through the sign Virgo, gives your partnership great powers of observation. The keyword phrase for Virgo in traditional astrology is "I analyze." Your two minds have an ability to discriminate reality from foolish thinking in a heartbeat.

There is a strong belief in the work ethic. Our first Virgo cave dwelling ancestors could work circles around their contemporaries. A primordial tendency of this dependable earth sign is a conscientious attitude about work and duty.

What does this mean for you? Encourage each other to find a meaningful career. Learning new skills to hone a craft can delight either of you. Your business sense as a couple is probably sharp. The two of you can spot the bottom line of a business deal as fast as a cat's eyes adjust to the dark. People will find you well organized, even if you don't always think this is true. You could operate a business together successfully.

Perfection is another side of your relationship. It has been said that Michelangelo created his Pieta by carving out the imperfection that did not belong in his vision of the sculpture. What was left was a breathtaking masterpiece. Perfection is a tricky thing. The two of you must become masters at knowing when to turn it off. Keep repeating that there are no perfect people so you don't expect this from each other.

You both can display a keen eye for detail. This can turn into being a critic. Learn to acknowledge each other's good points. It's wise! See the cup as half full, rather than half empty. It will go far in making you a happy couple. Putting each other under a microscope of scrutiny makes you nervous.

Diet and health can be topics of interest. You may be running or walking in a race together to raise money for a charity. You might both believe in getting regular exercise. Walking, yoga or aerobics can be a daily ritual. A concern for each other's health comes naturally.

In your communication, have you already realized you can't change each other? Don't bother trying. Be supportive of the other's desire to grow. Work harder on the problems than on one another. Let your words and thoughts be guided by a sincere desire to support each other's most cherished ambitions. Fatigue is apt to wear down your clarity. Make sure each of you is mentally alert and awake when you need to talk about a serious issue.

Sun in the Fifth House

It is easy to predict you can be true romantics in each other's eyes. Take ballroom dancing, travel to adventurous places and indulge in an extravagant meal at a fancy restaurant. Keep your life enriched by entertaining choices that allow for mutual enjoyment. Self-expression is a given in a big way here. You might find yourselves reciting lines from a Shakespearean play to each other. The clown in each of you doesn't need much encouragement. The two of you are filled with a creative spirit. Find outlets to satisfy this gift. Wear the roles that suit you. There are many.

Each of you hates to lose. Self-confidence is always near. People like to be around your partnership as it lifts their spirits.

Share the spotlight. Your alliance is a lot more fun when each of you is happy. Each of you likes to be adored by the other. Give each other breathing room from time to time. A bruised ego can result if either of you feel too ignored.

The two of you must have felt passionate about each other from the get go. Your communication is lively. There is a direct way of dealing with issues that might even startle your friends.

You are just plain lucky! Your business investments can be fruitful. Instincts for following the right financial hunches are indicated. Don't go overboard in trying to impress others. You both are more natural and content when operating on your own terms. Your shared will power makes things happen.

You are at your best when cheering each other onward to success. A smile, hug and words of encouragement are paths to endearment.

The Moon

Countless song lyrics, poems and lofty dreams have been inspired through gazing at the Moon. The Moon's sign and house position represents the intimacy and feelings you share with each other. Establishing a sense of security and a home are other lunar sides of life. The Moon symbolizes the imagination you share from your inner landscapes.

Moon in Pisces

With your relationship lunarized through the sign Pisces, there are oceans of idealism. Your minds are linked by a continuous flow of creative symbols. Your ability to read the faces and moods of one another is exceptional. You might have felt drawn together by mysterious forces or circumstances.

Shared spiritual beliefs can foster intimacy. You look for unconditional emotional support from each other. Your subconscious energies can seem like they are merged. You may have to disengage from each other's presence at times to stay grounded. There is a natural scent of romantic love in your closeness. People might refer to you as a couple with no problems, though you will not always be inclined to agree.

There is strong individual and shared aesthetic appreciation and maybe ability associated with it. Creative expression could be a hallmark of your partnership. An intuitive grasp of the intangible is at your fingertips.

Dependency needs remain in balance with faith in each other's individuality. You can't save your partner from feeling pain or frustration. You can be there to listen and offer refreshing insights.

The home can be a place in which to escape for you both. The trickling of a flowing fountain or the beauty of colorful pictures captures your need to feel unity. Your tastes in art or music will probably be easily visible to visitors. Your residence can be a consciousness -raising experience for some people. It is where your shared dreams and visions swim freely and happily. Living near water can be satisfying.

Divine discontent can be irritating. Keep expectations for each other realistic. This makes for less tension. Avoiding responsibility or commitment will lead to emotional distance. Believe in your ability to talk openly about issues.

Let your imaginations guide you to dance creatively together. Embracing each other's highest ideals opens the door to mutual acceptance. Your faith in one another can be the confirming force that pushes you to new growth.

Moon in the Twelfth House

Your feelings flow back and forth powerfully. When first meeting you could have felt like you could see right into each other's minds. Did you wonder if you already knew each other? At times you can almost speak without using any words.

A strong spiritual connection is possible. Your belief systems can have much common ground. You could easily find yourselves championing a special mission or cause together. Working in the healing or helping professions could appeal to you both. There is a talent for art and music in your lives.

Romance is something you tend to cherish. Going to each other's favorite places is enjoyable. You both probably like to think you will never lead uneventful lives. A bit of intrigue and mystery never hurts anything.

Your home is a refuge or escape for you both. Tranquillity is a must. The type of music, art or possessions you find meaningful must fill your residence. You may like to display items that hold special symbolic meaning. People visiting your home may be moved by its uplifting presence. The two of you don't care for stress here. You will do almost anything to make it go away.

Everyday life will flow better if you have a clear sense of reality. Your idealism will be tested. Your faith in each other and your beliefs can get you through just about anything. Don't give up your dreams if they are slow in manifesting.

A natural compassion for each other helps sort out your differences. Do not try to rescue one another from the lessons you need to learn.

Keep expectations realistic. Setting individual or relationship standards too high can create disappointment. The idea is to continue enjoying each other. This will not happen constantly. Accept the ups and downs.

Let your intuition guide you to walk together with sober eyes. You can be a lighthouse for each other, shining radiantly in the night, as the ship of your dreams is trying to land safely.

The Ascendant

We are taking a short intermission from the planets to introduce you to an additional key part of your relationship. The Ascendant or Rising Sign is the sign that starts the 1st house of the chart. The Ascendant is one of the twelve signs with a special role serving as an ambassador. It acts as a persona or mask for an individual or a relationship. The Ascendant is the personality through which we interact with the world.

The Ascendant is the way we appear to others. It is their first impressions of us. You meet someone and he or she seems to be confident, shy, talkative, cheerful, etc. The same can be said for a couple. The two people might seem theatrical, dreamy, or businesslike.

Ascendant in Aries

People may see the two of you as being direct and action-oriented. You might even look like two warriors in many instances, whether you really feel this way or not. There is a fast-paced tendency to act on impulses. You don't like waiting for others to make up their minds. Angry outbursts are your way of expressing yourselves when not happy with the outcome of a decision. Patience takes you far together. Talk direct. But do take the time to listen to each other's deepest needs. Adventurous undertakings awaken the romantic in you. Challenges motivate you to grow and show your capabilities.

The Part of Fortune

Your Sun, Moon and Ascendant can be combined or blended into a cosmic alchemy, known as the Part of Fortune. This is not a planet, but rather a reference point in the chart. The Arabian astrologers of the Middle Ages are given credit for its discovery. The Part of Fortune is said to show where we can expect to find good fortune and even luck. Do we really need to take a look at something from the long ago past, if it will serve as nothing more than a relic to hang on the wall? A translation of this ancient symbol into modern terms makes this symbol worth investigating. Why? Because it can give clues to special paths that lead to harmony and a spirit of feeling united.

Think of the Part of Fortune as the potential corridor leading to Opportunity. It is a way to read the pulse rate of the partnership, indicating ways to reach a shared sense of fulfillment.

Part of Fortune in Libra

Your shared love of people makes good things happen. The two of you are gifted in pleasing the public. Relationships with friends and business peers add a special dimension to your lives. The effort you make to be active players in each other's lives demonstrates your dynamic relationship. Your partnership can be a lighthouse when you go through emotional seas. The romantic pulse of your hearts wants to be expressed in creating loving atmospheres. It is when you are decisive that life sends you good fortune.

Part of Fortune in the Seventh House

Your social sphere presents the paths for fortuitous things to manifest in your lives. The two of you tend to make others feel better about themselves. The energy you receive by interacting with close peers stimulates your creative thinking. Others may see you as a couple who symbolize the harmony that a partnership can attain. Your reasoning powers are apt to wield influence on people. Putting an idea into motion and watching it spin forcefully into manifestation probably excites you.


Part Two: The Supporting Cast


Are you curious about the way the two of you communicate? In this section are Mercury's sign and house placements, showing some of your favorite communication tendencies. Mercury is referred to as the winged messenger in mythology, a networker for the gods. This very mental heavenly body represents an important link between your minds. It shows how you interpret what the other is saying. Mercury is connected to Perception. Astrologers consider Mercury the ruler of the conscious mind.

Mercury in Virgo

Your mental energies are very aware of details. The two of you prosper in a well-organized life style. You appreciate getting exact answers to each other's questions. You look for the logic in each other's thinking.

You communicate in a clear and concise way. Take turns listening to your partner's concerns and ideas as it brings you closer in spirit. Criticism can get in the way of really hearing each other. You are both probably sensitive about being corrected. There is a keen awareness of each other's good traits and faults. Try to accent the positive a little more than the negative.

When the two of you put your minds together toward a goal, you are without rival. An ability to adjust or change a plan in midstream can become an art form. Tolerate differences of opinion, as they are the catalysts for greater cooperation.

Don't get stuck in too many routines through always worshipping a schedule. It will dull your minds. Add something new to your lives once in a while. It makes you more passionate.

People usually perceive the two of you as having solid business sense. Your minds aren't afraid of hard work. Business expertise may be displayed. Your partnership can get busy serving community or group needs.

Health and diet are likely a shared concern. Sharing responsibility builds cooperation. Letting each other grow as needed instills trust.

Mercury in the Fifth House

Your minds fly with great creative pride and force. You show a willingness to act on perceptions. You're a couple that enjoys seeing the fruits of your labor. It is your positive attitude that will bring good things your way. A little flexibility will go along way in your life together. Humor makes a great third companion.

Let each other have their say regarding personal issues. "I need to be heard" comes from your souls. Create win-win situations. Speak from your heart and you will be that much closer to happiness. The two of you can get pushy in making a point. Stubborn differences will need to be accepted. You will never agree on everything. Let each other feel that your ideas are valued. You certainly can be the life of a party. You are not quiet for too long. There are few subjects you cannot discuss.

Promoting your partner's ideas comes naturally. You may not find a greater fan than your partner. Making smart use of your mental and financial resources is an instinct. You can increase each other's wealth in these areas.

There is a fondness for those able to think and act young. You are attracted to fun-loving people. Individuals with confidence in their ability get your attention.


Without Venus, life would be lonely and meaningless for all of us. The goddess of love guides our Social Awareness and search for Aesthetic Beauty. The Venus sign and house positions most directly point to your search for a sense of balance, peace, comfort, love and mutual admiration.

Venus in Leo

Your relationship is a Symbol of Confidence. The social instincts of your relationship are outgoing and dramatic. You probably enjoy being the center of attention at social gatherings. A love of people brings new friends easily into your life together. The two of you benefit through having solid allies in your corner. Showing that you are proud of each other is an essential component of your happiness.

You can easily display a vivid sense of humor. Your vivacious spirits are contagious. Others can find new inspiration by citing your successes as an example. Your passion to express yourselves knows no limit.

Wealth is a by-product of your shared talents. Concentrate more on what makes you happy, and you will get everything you need. Your ability to pick the right investments is lucky. Taking a chance is a path that often calls to you. Showering one another with gifts is predictable. You know how to make each other feel important and valued. The two of you can excel in sales, advertising and promotion. Your belief in each other and those you love makes things happen. Abundance may occur through meeting influential people. The public likes you.

You might enjoy playing in a sport or simply being spectators together. You need physical activity as it helps channel your tremendous energy. Love is as essential as food to your being together.

What might be in need of balance? Stealing center stage! Do your best in being in the spotlight together, or in taking turns. There is enough room for the two of you to be in the middle. Bossiness and create anger and distance. You both need to be leaders. Share the power and you will remain lovers.

Venus in the Fourth House

The two of you can enjoy a special closeness. There is a need to really trust one another early on in your relationship. You respond very quickly to your partner when receiving emotional support. A feeling of being equals deepens your connection. There are times when the two of you will choose privacy over socializing. You could need this to recharge your energy. Your tendency is to be nurturing toward others. It may leave you exhausted if you don't get the solitude you need together. People probably rely on your strength a great deal.

You take ownership seriously; especially things that have sentimental memories embedded in them. It shows wisdom to respect what each other is attached to in life. Home is another area that is likely a key focus for you both and will challenge you to find compromises. It can easily become a source of harmony if discussed cooperatively. Your home could be a place others like to visit as it has a relaxed atmosphere. Peace in your private life is greatly valued. You may enjoy creating pretty landscapes.

The two of you can show patience in starting a new business or career. You have a way of helping each other tune into work ambitions. Working out of your home is possible. Each of your family roots can be a subject of interest. A special closeness with relatives is indicated. You could have friends that are more like part of your extended family. It can be hard to please others all of the time. This is a good point to remember.

You need to know you can count on one another when the chips are down. Being there for each other in the good and bad times deepens your commitment.


The ancients considered Mars the god of war. The warrior planet can translate into heated exchanges with each other. Mars arouses Passion in the form of sex, anger or a desire to forge ahead as a swash buckling couple. Mars is still the ruler of combat. It points to the primal competitive instincts embedded deep within each of us. In modern terms, this fiery red planet's sign and house placement are associated with assertion and acting on impulse.

Mars in Libra

The warrior in you has two natures. One is carefree, and the other is worried about how others will judge your rash impulses. The two of you can stop on a dime to first assess the possible impact of your actions. You like to know if a battle is worth fighting before launching an offensive. You prefer to look at situations from more than one angle before moving ahead. You can be assertive when you become convinced you are in the right. Negotiating with a spirit of fairness and compromise is what you expect. You don't like to argue with each other, but will do so to defend a position.

You can be drawn to help friends and loved ones get through tough times. People probably find your insights comforting. Helping others make decisions might be a talent. There is a natural inclination to be mediators in helping individuals settle disputes.

You tend to bring out the extrovert in your partner. There is a natural outgoingness that takes you into various circles of friends and business associates. An active social life is stimulating. Dancing and dining out are fun ways to be together. You may have mutual tastes in food and the arts. There is a tendency to seek happiness in the same ways.

Your relationship is energized through your interactions with others. There is a flair for handling yourselves well when in the public eye. You can excel in getting people to support your ideas. A drive to express yourselves creatively can be mutually rewarding.

Mars in the Seventh House

You are not bashful people. There is a spontaneous entrance into the social sphere. Your friends are apt to be doers. Each of you probably attracts peers unafraid to climb the tallest mountains. Exercise tact in dealing with certain individuals or groups, as they may not appreciate the direct approach. You are gregarious at heart. Others like the way you two can make things happen. You are agents for change. Neither of you likes to waste time in making decisions. Your business associates better be able to get to the point fast or you lose interest.

Be careful in pushing your ideas on your partner. Diplomacy and fairness take you further. If indecision makes you uneasy, there will be times when you will need to act on a hunch. You both get angry and feel offended if not consulted on key decisions. If you conceal your strongest opinions, confusion is the end result. You must communicate whether it comes out pretty or not!

Business dealings can reflect your ability to deal with the public. Your legal sense can be impressive. You are a likable couple, which is a bonus in getting what you need from others. When it comes to spending time with personal peers, you need to give elbowroom. Each of you needs input outside of your relationship. It helps keep you from asking too much of each other. Giving the right to claim individual turf now and then makes life together a smoother journey.

The two of you are motivated by the numerous special alliances you can form. It is exciting to see that your relationship keeps growing in the potential to have the best of everything. You give each other the incentive to make your talents more visible.


The largest planet in the sky is Jupiter. This happy-go-lucky cosmic giant is more than twice the size of all the other planets put together. Jupiter spins on its axis with great enthusiasm, doing this faster than any other planet. Jupiter's sign and house denote themes related to learning, optimism, travel, philosophical beliefs, luck and generosity. Inspiration that flows between two people can be traced to our good-natured friend in the sky.

Jupiter in Capricorn

You seek inspiration through making your beliefs come true. There is a serious atmosphere about you two when you decide to get a job done. Success in business through sheer effort is predictable. You will give your best effort to work. Your integrity and reputation are sensitive concerns. Your ambitious streak attracts attention.

You might feel more comfortable with each other when your commitment has some flexibility. People likely see you as a couple with their feet clearly on the ground. There could be allegiance to certain traditional beliefs. Each of you may need to show acceptance of your partner's cultural influences. You need to tread carefully when discussing each other's highest values. There is tenacity in you both to hold onto your faith no matter what you are facing together. The more openly you share your wealth and time with one another, the more love you will feel for each other.

A sense of happiness and expansive growth will occur with letting go of doubts. Show faith in your joint choices as it deepens your trust. You are two people that don't like to compromise their principles. It is when you are determined to succeed, in spite of the odds against you, that you both smile with a look of complete satisfaction.

Jupiter in the Ninth House

A love of learning, and expanding your mental worlds. Does this sound like you? The two of you have an endless need to drink from the waters of various branches of knowledge. You might view life as a journey through which you can find greater self-discovery. You will not always see eye to eye on what direction to explore. There is a chance you will be comfortable going it alone, and meeting up at various places. You both want to see and do more than most. It may feel like a sacrifice to compromise your individual passions for the good of being together. You could create the best of both worlds. Having your partner in one, and your most unique goals in the other. There are mutual paths that can be of benefit to you as a couple. Some open communication can help you plot a course of action together.

Your value systems are more than likely quite compatible. A sense of humor keeps life between you relaxed. Your opinions can clash but don't necessarily interfere with the ecstasy you seek in this adventurous relationship.

Imagination is constantly pumping through your restless minds. You have a forceful, positive approach that can move problems out of your way. Don't let your judgment of each other grow unreasonable. Be fair. You can love the way your partner understands you no matter what you are going through.


Astronomers say that if Saturn fell from the sky it is light enough to float on an ocean. Some people dread hearing about where Saturn is in their chart more than they do going to the dentist! The fortune tellers of old always painted this planet with "heavy" interpretations. They presented this planet as being a god of doom and gloom. In modern astrology, this motif denotes endurance and ambition. In mythology, Saturn was Chronos, the god of time, reflecting the wisdom that can be learned from past experiences. You could say Saturn is a "Cosmic Chiropractor", showing adjustments needing to be made along life's way. There can be frustration in repeating the same mistakes. Saturn's sign and house themes are associated with Commitment and Reality-Testing. The two of you may find clues here about how you define your relationship roles. Career drive is a Saturn hallmark. Saturn shadows are fear, rigidity and a need to be compulsively controlling. There is no longevity without partners dealing with the symbolism of this particular celestial wanderer. With a lot of practice and patience the two of you can get good in making this side of your relationship flow--honest! Saturn can become more a god of Success!

Saturn in Scorpio

It is quite an adventure to really get to know one another. This is not likely to happen overnight. You both can show caution in warming up to each other. When the trust deepens, you have a solid relationship. Your focus together is hard to match. When you put your best foot forward to be successful there is nothing that can stop you. Talk openly about your fears and worries. The better you understand the other's mind, the clearer the communication.

Joint investments can prove prosperous. Sharing your resources is testy. Each of you needs to feel part owner in the finances and property. Money issues can cause tension. You will need to be honest and direct in this area. Power is a key consideration. It must be shared. Why? It causes less arguments.

You both will put all of yourselves into the roles that are important to you. Whatever is entrusted to you is treated with serious regard. Management opportunities will present themselves to you. People see you as task-oriented and capable of getting results. The two of you make great problem-solvers. Business savvy comes standard with you two. You can market your skills to a receptive public.

Experience teaches you how to interact with one another. Solitude is a tendency as individuals and as a couple. The world may never know your complete stories. Who cares? Just so you reveal them to each other!

Saturn in the Eighth House

There are few people that can get the better of you in financial dealings. You are a couple that usually knows what you want and what it will take to get you there. Individuals will sometimes grow resentful of your success. You do need to know who are your true friends. Business triumphs come through not giving into your fears. Patience has its payoffs. Investments can eventually yield profit. Your determination to own the land and home you desire is intense. You both make excellent managers.

Money issues are predictable. There may even be a bit of secrecy concerning how much money each of you has in their possession. The deeper your commitment, the more about yourselves will be revealed. Trust translates into greater passion in this relationship.

You want to know that your partner will always be there for you. Coming through for each other when the chips are up or down makes you feel closer. Do fun things. Keep life simple. Act spontaneously romantic just for the experience!


Try to visualize a maverick planet orbiting on its side, whereas the other planets sit straight up and down. Uranus! This planet was discovered in the eighteenth century, sandwiched in between the American and French Revolutions. Is it any great wonder that this planet's sign and house occupations show our individuality and innovative ideas? Experimentation. Inventiveness. These are two more themes of this exciting and trend-setting entity. What is the down side to this rebel? A tendency in exhibiting a sarcastic tongue in your everyday communication. Launching sudden irresponsible actions will not make you feel like friends. Uranus can be the source of enjoying the refreshing insights you bring to your partnership. Treat each other as equals and you are likely responding to a positive tendency embedded in this planet's symbolism.

Uranus in Cancer

Nothing may stay the same on the home turf. Each of you probably likes plenty of stimulation in your private lives. Your domestic situation may have few routines. You don't care to be pigeonholed into particular roles. There may be moves to new locations to satisfy your needs. You can be excited by moving into new directions. Your inventive natures can be the impetus to conquer self-doubt. When you do really leave the past behind it can release a great deal of creative energy.

The two of you can be sensitive about your goals. Giving mutual support maintains your closeness. When you really listen to one another, there is greater intimacy. Your emotions may erupt without much notice. You both don't like unsettling differences to last at your home. It is wise to nip issues in the bud before they grow out of proportion.

Loyalty to your friends is highly valued by each of you. Those closest to you in mind and spirit can find you both excellent confidantes. Your relationship provides each of you with safe terrain to express your individualistic tendencies.

Uranus in the Fourth House

You each need enough room to explore your individual worlds. A tendency to need space at times from each other is possible. Your friends may think you are a private couple. People can find your concern for their welfare touching. You will find those closest to you appreciate your insights.

There aren't likely to be too many boring moments at home. Your residence can be filled with the newest advances in modern technology. Finding the right location that allows you both to fulfill your goals is a key need. You expect each other's support during major challenges. The two of you can show amazing clarity during circumstances that threaten your security. You just have to gather your wits about you. Emotional peace at home is highly desirable.

Strangers may not see you as easy to get to know. Those you confide in see your mental depth. You are a twosome that can launch a new business by understanding new trends. You may exhibit an affinity for pleasing the public.

Your partner can sometimes shock you with their ability to read your moods. It could be comforting for someone to understand your idiosyncrasies. Your commitment to each other deepens with trust. You may be surprised to learn about your similarity in thinking and feeling.


There is a planet that adds a mystical tone to our lives. Neptune defies being labeled as part of the physical world. It is our spiritual awareness on one hand and desire to escape from earthly reality on the other. Both are possible!

In mythology, Neptune was Poseidon, god of the oceans. This water god represents the strong emotions that love activates. Do the two of you feel any common ground when it comes to your highest beliefs? If you do, it might be associated with this planet's symbolism.

Faith is a Neptune theme. Neptune's sign and house will point to the ideals and causes you share. Your intuitive insights into one another can also be revealed here. Shadows of Neptune are denial and guilt. Keep these tendencies in check. It will ensure greater clarity and closeness. If you don't, it can feel like you are eating chicken broth with a fork.

Aesthetic interests are another part of Neptune's world. Your shared interests in art and music can come through loud and clear.

Neptune in Libra

You see a little of yourself when you look into your partner's eyes. It may seem most of the time as though you were destined to meet. Friction between you is unsettling--even painful. You can each feel as though you have found the ideal companion. It is harder to find a better lover or friend. You may even measure other people against your companion's qualities. Try to be fair in evaluating others. Maintaining your friendships and professional associations can be of benefit to your relationship. The two of you possess shared social skills that are above average.

Escape through your love of music and art is predictable. Your passion for beauty can be revealed in your clothing, jewelry and possessions. You can have a mutual appreciation for nature.

Indecision might be aggravating. Being able to see the potential for opposing viewpoints to be equally correct doesn't make this easier. What is the way out? Compromise! Create as many win-win situations as possible. People may envy the apparent unity in your relationship. Those closest to you will want to become part of your lives.

Neptune in the Seventh House

You look for the best in one another. If you don't see perfection, stay calm. There are no perfect people. You bring out the relationship-orientation in each other. Sharing your lives with others rejuvenates your partnership. It even alleviates some of the pressure in trying to be "everything" packages for one another.

Watch out for indecision. You can carefully evaluate any option from at least two different takes. It will be like treading water if you sit idly for too long of a time period. Following a course of action may become necessary, rather than waiting past the chance to make the best of an opportunity. You can worry about editing the plan later, after the fog clears, or the more sound reasoning returns.

Your romantic views of life are a unifying factor. Creating stimulating experiences is comforting and exhilarating. Showing you care can go far in establishing harmony. You probably have mutual interests in art or music.

When you first met you may have felt like you had found the ideal partner. There is much you will always dream of doing together. In a perfect world, you might be soul-mates of unquestioning devotion. In the real one, you can be two lovers celebrating the memories of romantic adventures.


Last, but not least, is a planet of mystery and intrigue, Pluto. You may get a message or two in this section about your shared psychological intensity. Pluto's sign and house point to our drives for power, passion and financial gain. A desire to get to know each other on the deepest of levels can be a Pluto theme. We must let go of a part of ourselves to be in a relationship. This scares some people and seems like a fair deal to others. What we cannot face as individuals sometimes will be brought to the surface in our interactions with a partner. Pluto's shadows center around jealousy and possessiveness. This planet teaches us that letting go and trusting one another are rewarding paths. Facing the tests of Pluto together is the breakfast of champions.

Pluto in Leo

You will probably learn more about each other when acting out your lives than through talk alone. Words without actions might seem cheap to one or both of you. A show me you mean it motto pulsates vivaciously in the heart of your liaison.

Each of you is dynamically aware of when you are getting support, and when you being ignored. There is little tolerance for the latter. You are possessive of each other's need for approval. Give your best attention whenever possible as it brings trust. It even enriches your lovemaking.

You will need to forgive one another when your egos get rubbed the wrong way. There is heat in some of your verbal exchanges. In other words, you may get on each other's case at times. You have a tendency to pull out your partner's deepest feelings. You are not a shy couple in the area of self-expression.

Money is a subject that awakens strong opinions. You both want to make use of green energy from your own vantage point. Allow each other to feel free to make purchases that benefit their own goals. It will make you both that much more cooperative on the joint ventures.

You can enhance mutual wealth in material and happiness terms. Make each other feel important. Your investment of time and trust can reap great rewards.

Pluto in the Fifth House

You greatly impact each other's creative intensity. A compulsive tendency to make a strong impression on others may be shown. Hiding your talents makes you both feel uncomfortable. You need to have outlets to release a passionate drive for success. Helping your partner find ways to market their talents wins their admiration and love. You may be all or nothing people. It could be in your thinking to not bother with an enterprise unless you really see it producing big. Receiving attention from each other is a craving. Don't be too upset if your lives become too busy for this to always be possible.

Engaging in certain hobbies may be a way for you to feel a stronger bond. Working together on a project can build a spirit of cooperation. This will backfire if either of you gets too bossy. Neither of you likes to be told what to do by the other all of the time. Let each other take turns leading the dance. You activate each other's leadership drives. People may find that you are lovers that like to take control of situations. You may cause others to be jealous of your apparent wonderful romance. Your relationship has a way of growing stronger after you deal with conflict. Don't run away from your partner's intensity. It's the power inherent in your being together that calls for you to be courageous in dealing with each other.

Don't let pride be your most visible trait. You will sometimes step on each other's feelings. You are at your best when you make each other feel needed and included. This is when you both feel like winners.


Just as the Ascendant was described as a sign serving a special purpose, there is a sign referred to as the Midheaven, with a special mission of its own. This is the sign at the beginning of the 10th house of a chart. A palm reader can interpret the career line embedded in your hand. Think of the Midheaven or 10th house sign as a type of career line in your chart. How you two conduct business in the world and your work interests are shown here.

Midheaven in Capricorn

Ambition is not to be taken lightly in your relationship. Each of you wants your career aspirations to be acknowledged. You are willing to go through some degree of delayed gratification to achieve the desired results. You don't like people wasting your time or money. People with follow through win your admiration. Delegate responsibility to others when it fits your needs. Why? It will create more moments to spend together. Watch your schedules. It can get tough to pencil each other in. There needs to be a clear sense of responsibility and commitment. There may be a tradition one or both of you holds sacred. Allow for an occasional surprise to occur. There will be milestones to celebrate; creating happy memories to look back upon.


Part Three: Planetary Aspects

It's time now to mention another technical side of your report. (If you don't like technical explanations, skip right to the Aspect Interpretations). You have already been introduced to the ten planets. Certain planetary pairs in your chart have a special relationship to one another due to particular angular distances separating them, known as aspects. You could almost say the two planets in an aspect travel and interact together along the same circuit. The following aspect interpretations or descriptions will be listed under five types. Two are known as the soft aspects: the sextile (60 degrees) and trine (120 degrees). These two aspects generally point to more gentle themes found in your relationship. They indicate a lower voltage of electricity and produce less friction. The planets involved in a trine or sextile are more likely to be areas where you flow together without much effort.

The more hard or intense aspects are the conjunction (0 degrees), square (90 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees). They require our understanding and will point to key ways the two of you must communicate and negotiate. Planets that are part of an intense aspect will show how you energize one another. These higher voltage aspects don't mean you want to avoid them, but more so to develop a true understanding of how to use this energy constructively. "Soft" does not mean good and "intense" does not imply bad. It is often the more intense aspects that deepen the bond of a partnership. The interpretation of any planetary aspect depends greatly on the symbolism of the two planets forming an aspect.

It might be helpful to keep some key words in mind for the aspects. The sextile is a promise of Excitement and Eagerness. The planets in this aspect give clues how your energies support one another. The trine is a special Harmony shown by two planets. There is often positive regard for one another that comes spontaneously. We expect good things to be delivered in the trine.

The conjunction is where two planets are joined at the hip. There is a Fusion or powerful blending of these two energies. The square can reveal where you will encounter Friction in your relationship. Pay special attention to these aspects, as they are opportunities for growth as much as discord. The opposition requires a Balancing act. It is similar to a seesaw. Each of you may find yourselves taking turns in acting out one planet or the other.

It might be helpful to refer to Parts One and Two to refresh your memory about the meaning of the Planets, Ascendant and Midheaven, as you read the aspects that follow. Remember that it is usually the more intense aspects that stretch us the most. The more positively you use these challenging planetary combinations the greater will be your understanding of each other.

Note that a planet might be involved in several different aspects. In other words, the planet is interfacing its energies with numerous other planets (or even with the Ascendant or Midheaven). A "heavily aspected planet" plays a key role in your relating to each other.

Moon Trine Venus

People like you. You attract support from others. Perhaps it's your friendly and charming smiles. It might be your willingness to show concern. Whatever it is, others have trouble saying no to you. Even in dealing with each other, the natural instinct is to go out of your way to be agreeable. You both might need a gentle push occasionally, if you grow timid in leaving comfort zones. What comes easy can sometimes spoil us too much. Affluence is likely due to your combined efforts to enjoy a stable life.

Moon Trine Uranus

An acceptance of each other's unique emotional needs sets you both at ease. Your imaginations can travel along the same highways without much agitation. As long as you maintain open minds, the two of you hold the key to harmony. You ignite new hopes and dreams in each other. A desire can be suddenly kindled to go beyond limiting circumstances. Your common goals can be a main source of your closeness. Group affiliations may support your emotional and security needs. You light up each other's lives with a rejuvenating glance at the future. Your friends benefit from your genuine concern for their most unique self-discoveries.

Sun Trine Jupiter

Wishing and dreaming. It is in your souls. When you throw coins in a fountain you really expect to cash in on your wishes! You don't like to think in terms of limits. The realm of possibilities is your world. This is not necessarily your most aggressive side. It's more like sitting on your lounge chair at the ocean, sipping on your favorite beverage. It may take strong motivation to bring out the effort needed to pursue a goal. You can enjoy exploring everything from new movies to international locations together.

Sun Sextile Saturn

Your playful and work natures can happily coexist. It is confirming to watch your serious plans come to fruition. Discipline comes easily when you are enjoying your pursuits. A spirit of being on the same team makes getting projects accomplished simpler. An acceptance of responsibility is something you both see as in your best interests. Don't get too caught up in busy work. Stay aware of the large picture. You are a result-oriented combination. Success always seems within your grasp, whether it comes quickly or slowly.

Sun Trine Midheaven

You offer one another rays of confident sunshine. Looking for the positive in situations is what you bring out in each other. Valuing your partner's most serious ambitions is a way to their heart. Being mutual advocates comes easily. You will give your best to bring about joint feelings of success. A risk that could make your lives better may take extra effort to make it a reality. You both can have a talent that could receive public recognition. Determination and discipline can lead you to new heights.

Mars Square Uranus

Erratic behaviors and self-absorption can get you mad at each other. Working together will test your patience. When you communicate clearly, you stand a better chance to figure the best way to achieve desired results together. New ideas come like lightning bolts. It is a roller coaster ride of exhilarating excitement to know one another. If you give a turn signal ahead of time to your partner, it causes less anxiety in what you expect. Rebellious urges can be expressed when the two of you are fighting injustice. Defending the underdog is in your chemistry. You have an arsenal of ideas to speak out against limited thinking. It is fun to discover new ways to surprise your partner.

Mars Conjunct Neptune

You fuel the romantic imagination in one another without really even trying. A longing to make each other happy is ignited by being together. Pleasing each other all of the time is not going to happen. It is adventurous to put your ideals into action. Your emotions are heightened in this relationship. You can usually sense when one another is angry. Don't deny your feelings. You come closer when being honest, even if it hurts to hear the truth. Watch your shared idealism. It can get you to make promises to others that lead you to go overboard. There is a fiery spirit in you two that seeks passion and the pursuit of happiness. Your faith in your partner can be the catalyst for bold actions. Fighting for your beliefs is a joint tendency.

Mars Sextile Pluto

Moving in step together to follow a plan of action probably is easy for you most of the time. You become excited when putting your energies into joint projects, whether or not you agree on the details. Flexibility is good to remember, as you will often see a better way to do something when you get warmed up. People can enjoy the lively way the two of you interact with them. Your connection to each other is based on a loyalty that comes with trust. Encouraging one another to become more skillful in a profession or subject of interest is feasible.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn

Work and play are probably integrated without much of a struggle. You both can usually perceive the times to make strong effort, and when you need to let your hair down. A willingness to allow each other the freedom to express ideas deepens your commitment. You stimulate good reasoning power in one another. People can be influenced by the enthusiasm you exhibit in expressing yourselves.

Jupiter Conjunct Midheaven

You enhance your partner's success potentials with a show of faith and going the extra mile to help ensure their efforts. Public visibility is possible due to your talents or serious interest in a cause. Your judgment in realistically assessing a situation is sound. Your desire to see the positive side of things needs to sometimes be scrutinized in order to avoid taking too big of a risk. Public speaking, teaching and consulting are within the realm of possibilities. Legal sense is indicated. Your commitment is more enjoyable when both of you feel free to make independent choices regarding your work lives. Making equal effort in acting responsibly makes you great companions. You really don't like rules as much as a spontaneous, free flowing sense of cooperation.

Jupiter Square Ascendant

Quick impulses to seek new opportunities are everywhere present in your collaboration. Watch out for promising each other or those you know too much. Your good intentions can get you to put your foot in your mouth. Even with occasional errors in judgment, the two of you can usually manage to have fun together. Your enthusiasm can get others to invest in your abilities. Watch a risk, especially, if you are betting the whole kitchen sink on a hunch. A restless drive for learning and expanding your potentials is accentuated. You have a way of getting others to believe in themselves.

Saturn Sextile Midheaven

Exchanging professional ideas is stimulating. You can work together without much stress involved. Respecting each other's ideas makes for great compatibility. Your shared reasoning powers make for good problem-solving. Poise in the midst of a calamity is not uncommon for either of you. People may think of you as two very reputable individuals. You are a couple that can revise a plan fluidly.

Uranus Square Neptune

You can disrupt the direction in each other's lives without always intending to do so. It's the electricity you generate in each other's minds that delivers the jolt. Inspiring greater imagination and creativity is highly possible. Your goals and ideas could clash. It will take a willingness on both of your parts to iron out the differences. Sudden desires for distance can occur. It's when you openly explain your needs and expectations that life together may settle down. You are an exciting duo that many people want to get to know.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Your intuitive instincts are highlighted. You have a way of making each other feel valued. Enjoy a shared vision that makes you both look for the best in life. The natural romantic is never far from your awareness. Your imagination doesn't need much of a wake up call. Sharing your innermost secrets instills trust. You know how to help your partner rebuild their self-confidence when the going gets rough. You cannot save one another from life's lessons. You can be there though to make accepting the truth easier to swallow.




Part Four: The Nodes of the Moon

Do you sometimes wonder if it was fate or some other mysterious set of events that introduced the two of you? What attracted you the most to each other? Maybe it was a charismatic smile, the way you could talk, a physical attraction, or a shared sense of values. There is a multitude of possibilities you could name. The Nodes of the Moon are not planets. They are a celestial polarity offering clues to your connection on the soul level. Think of it as your own "psychic friends network." If this sounds too mystical or corny, just think of the Nodes as a shared frequency level in your partnership. It doesn't mean you get psychic flashes about each other. Much of this link between your minds is probably on a subconscious level. The Nodes usually play an active part in our closest relationships. The longer we are in a relationship with a particular person, the more these two energies come into our conscious awareness.

The Nodes represents a special way you can build your relationship together. They point to certain themes that must be nurtured. This helps keep weeds of discontent and frustration from growing. The Nodes are a path to solidifying your sense of closeness.

Node in Cancer

You have a shared mission in establishing roots and an atmosphere of inner contentment. A desire to add to one another's sense of security is a tendency. It might feel like you know each other inside and out. Respecting one another's definition of home adds to your compatibility. The moods you share can be intense. Learning how to interact with your partner's emotional needs comes with time. You are both happier when residing in a location that allows you to fulfill personal paths. Your support for one another makes you feel more self-assured. A willingness to express your feelings brings you closer. You could suddenly desire to get away together to enjoy a bit of privacy.

The trickster or hidden irrational tendencies will manifest through control issues. You both like to lead in your areas of expertise. Power struggles can result if you don't acknowledge each other's strengths. It's when discounting your partner's opinions that real friction can result. Sharing your opinions and feelings openly makes you closer allies. A tenacious work spirit can accomplish much together. When you support one another's most serious ambitions a genuine closeness develops. Making equal effort to put a plan into action deepens your commitment. Encouraging your partner to realize their highest potential is a wise thing to do.

Node in the Third House

There is a calling to continuously discover new exhilarating ideas. You like to feel you are on the road to fulfilling growth. Creating options turns on your minds. A life with diversity and versatility fits your needs. Each of you must feel free to change your minds. You don't like being pinned down to promises that may need to give way to a fresher opportunity. Communication is a powerful tool in your hands. You both make good counselors, consultants, teachers and networkers. Sharing information with others is stimulating. People can enjoy the breezy way you live your lives. A carefree attitude guides your thinking. You share many of the same perceptions about those you meet. Your awareness of immediate surroundings is sharp.

Do you sometimes feel a mysterious pull to throw caution to the wind, and move into several directions at once? The grass will seem greener if you grow mentally tired of a project. Concentration is easier for you two when you know a job can be finished quickly. You outgrow situations faster than many. This is only a problem if a compulsive restlessness creates so much anxiety that you leap from a frying pan into a fire. Don't despair. Your fun-loving and adventurous themes may be harmless. It's just your way of rebelling against boredom. Judgmental statements get you the angriest at each other. Accepting differences in key beliefs, brings out the peace pipe.

This concludes your Romance Profile, Princess of Wales and Prince of Wales. If this was your first experience of Astrology, hopefully it is far from your last! There are many other types of written reports available.