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Presentation Reports

Elegantly written reports are beautifully bound for a keepsake or gift with a difference.

Below is the comprehensive selection of reports available with a link to a sample report for each. (Reading the samples with give you an idea of what to expect and what it all means in everyday language. )

You may order your report in three ways:

  1. Call either number at end of page
  2. Complete the order form on this page
  3. Make a request by email by clicking on the kissing hearts at the end of page.

    Full Natal Chart Interpretations - What is your potential?

Reports to help navigate the various passages of time

Reports for more insight into your mind, body and soul

Reports to assist in understanding your relationships

Especially for Women and Children (including the Inner Child)

Numerology and Tarot

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As each order is received and processed manually, your patience will be appreciated. A confirmation email may take up to 48 hours for you to receive and your report will be processed and posted within three working days, unless otherwise advised by either you or me.

Please complete a separate form for each presentation report requested. If ordering more than one report, you may pay the total amount on completion of your final order form.

The amount payable for each separate report is AUD50.00. This includes rectification of astrological birth time, input of data, printing and binding. If you require your presentation report to be posted, this will incur an additional fee of AUD$5.00.

If you would prefer to receive your report by email, then the amount payable is only AUD$20.00

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