Relating Astrology 

With Yourself, Your Hidden Selves and Your Significant Others

Relating Astrology

One of the most interesting and sort after applications of astrology is to compare one person's chart to another's. This chart comparison between two people is called "synastry".

Synastry is a wonderful technique for revealing the potential nature of the relationship between two people. The aspects being made between one person's planets and the other's indicate the dynamics likely to be played out during the lifetime of the relationship.

Another way to understand the nature and purpose of a relationship is to have a Composite Chart calculated.

The most popular method of calculation for this type of chart is to take the midpoint positions of each person's planetary positions and create a new chart representative of the relationship. It is as though a new energetic system is revealed - that of the "relationship" as a separate entity. Another way of looking at this is the "sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts" - otherwise known as "synergy" in the world of physics.

Both of these methods are equally useful on their own or when studied together.

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