A Decoz® Numerology Chart Analysis




Paul McCartney




Hans Decoz







Birth data:


James Paul McCartney


June 18, 1942




©  Copyright 1985,  2003,  Hans Decoz.





INTRODUCTION                                                                                4

LIFE PATH                                                                                        4

BIRTHDAY                                                                                        6

EXPRESSION                                                                                    6

MINOR EXPRESSION                                                                         8

HEART'S DESIRE                                                                              9

MINOR HEART'S DESIRE                                                                 10

PERSONALITY                                                                                 11

MATURITY                                                                                      12

L/E BRIDGE                                                                                    13

H/P BRIDGE                                                                                   13

KARMIC LESSONS                                                                          14

HIDDEN PASSION                                                                           15

PLANES OF EXPRESSION                                                                16

PLANE OF EXPRESSION PHYSICAL                                                  16

PLANE OF EXPRESSION MENTAL                                                     17

PLANE OF EXPRESSION EMOTIONAL                                               17

PLANE OF EXPRESSION INTUITIVE                                                  17

BALANCE                                                                                        17

RATIONAL THOUGHT                                                                      18

CORNERSTONE                                                                              19

SUBCONSCIOUS SELF                                                                    19

CHALLENGES                                                                                 19

PINNACLES                                                                                    22





Birth name: James Paul McCartney 

Short name: Paul McCartney 

Birth date: June 18, 1942 


Your Life Path is 22/4                                                                       5

Your Birthday is 18                                                                           6

Your Expression is 11/2                                                                    7

Your Minor Expression is 8                                                                8

Your Heart's Desire is 16/7                                                               9

Your Minor Heart's Desire is 10/1                                                   11

Your Personality is 13/4                                                                 11

Your Maturity is 6                                                                           12

Your Life Path / Expression Bridge number is 2                               13

Your Heart's Desire / Personality Bridge number is 3                       14

You have a Karmic Lesson 6                                                           14

You have a Karmic Lesson 8                                                           15

Your Hidden Passion is 1                                                                15

Your Plane of Expression Physical is 9                                             16

Your Plane of Expression Mental is 19/1                                         17

Your Plane of Expression Emotional is 12/3                                    17

Your Plane of Expression Intuitive is 16/7                                       17

Your Balance is 3                                                                            18

Your Rational Thought is 30/3                                                        18

Your Cornerstone is J                                                                     19

Your Subconscious Self is 7                                                            19

Your First Challenge is 3                                                                 20

Your Second Challenge is 2                                                            20

Your Third Challenge is 1                                                               21

Your Fourth Challenge is 1                                                             22

Your First Pinnacle (from birth until age 32) is 6                             22

Your Second Pinnacle (from age 33 until age 41) is 7                     23

Your Third Pinnacle (from age 42 until age 50) is 4                        24

Your Fourth Pinnacle (from age 51) is 4                                         25





About your Personal Reading


    This reading was composed for you personally, Paul, and is based on your full

name at birth, your date of birth, and the name you now use to introduce yourself. 

Please check your birth data on the title page to make sure the names and date

of birth used are correct.

    If you have two or more middle names or last names, you may find the names

strung together.  This is necessary to make Transit and Essence cycles function

correctly.  For example, the name John Patrick Henry Hancock would appear on

the title page as John PatrickHenry Hancock.


    Paul, your Personal Numerology Reading describes all aspects of your chart

as they are understood in numerology, accurately and in-depth.

    Each chapter starts with a short introduction telling you where this particular

number is found and how it affects you.  This is followed by the number itself. 

Often, you will find a double digit number followed by a single digit.

    The meaning of your number is then explained in easy to read language.  Paul,

you don't need to know anything about numerology to be able to enjoy and benefit

from this reading.


    I hope you will enjoy your reading.




    If ever there was a moment of total transformation, it was the moment of your

birth. In that instant, you stepped through a door in time into a new reality -- the

reality of human life. The most important number in your numerology chart is

based on the date of your birth, the moment when the curtain goes up in your life. 

    Even at that moment, you were a person with your own unique character, as

unique as your DNA. Everything that is you existed in potential, much like a play

that is about to begin. Your entire life exists as a potential that has been prepared

for. Paul, you have ultimate freedom to do with your life as you like: To fulfill its

potential completely, or to make some smaller version of yourself. It all depends

upon your effort and commitment. You make the decisions to fulfill, to whatever

extent, the potential life that exists within you. That is your choice. In this sense,

the possible you is implicit during the moment of your birth. 

    The Life Path number gives us a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges,

and lessons we will encounter in this lifetime. Your Life path is the road you are

traveling. It reveals the opportunities and challenges you will face in life. Your Life

Path number is the single most important information available in your Personality

Page 4



Your Life Path is 22/4 


    Paul, you were born under the most powerful and potentially the most

successful of all Life Path numbers. It offers you the extremes of life's

possibilities: on one hand, you have the potential to be the Master Builder, the

person capable of perceiving something great in the archetypal world and

manifesting it in the relative world; on the other hand, you can slip into the depths

of obscurity, achieving little more than personal support.

    Your power is delicate. It exists by virtue of your ideals and vision, which you

must use to inspire others to join you in your dream. Only by marshaling

collective forces are you able to bring together the necessary elements -- people,

ideas, resources -- that will enable you to realize your goals.

    Consequently, your Life Path is one requiring dramatic evolution. By being able

to integrate seemingly conflicting characteristics within yourself -- your inspiring

vision and your natural tendency toward practicality, for example -- you develop

the talent to deal effectively with a great variety of people. This allows you to

understand and unite many differing people toward a single goal, melding them

into a concerted whole. Your task in life is to unite the dream with the bottom line.

    In short, you are the visionary with your feet on the ground.

    You are good at business and politics. You naturally understand large

institutions, and have the ability to think and act on an international scale.

    You are gifted with uncommonly sound common sense. You are able to see

the beauty and potential in a given idea, but also the practical methods that will

bring it to fruition. Somehow, you understand the limitations of ideas -- what will

work and what will not. This is an intuitive gift that can evaluate possibilities on the

basis of their practicality.

    While in many aspects the 22 is the most promising number, it is also the

most difficult to live up to. Paul, you have a great ambition, which can be a most

difficult master, driving you to accomplish all that you are capable of.

    You are a steady partner in any relationship. You offer sound advice and

consistent emotional support. You do not suffer from flights of fancy, and naturally

resist the emotional heights. You are unconventional in thought and action, but

tend to be traditional in appearance. You avoid airs and pretension.

    Paul, your challenge is to share your vision and allow others to make their

personal contributions. That requires flexibility on your part, perhaps your weakest

characteristic. You often lack faith in the ability of others. Therefore, you tend to

control people and situations, sometimes tempted to manipulate.

    In the end, you must learn to surrender to the larger cause that you serve. The

final result may be quite different from your original vision, but with faith and

commitment you will make an enduring impact on the world.

Page 5




    The day you were born bears great significance in understanding who you are

and where your talents lie.  The day of birth indicates some special talent you

possess.  It is a gift to you that will help you along your Life's Path.  Your day of

birth is one of your four core numbers -- the Life Path, Expression, and Heart’s

Desire being the other three.  It is the least significant of the four core numbers,

but perhaps the most finite, in that it reveals a specific ability you possess in a

marked degree.


Your Birthday is 18 


    You are a born leader, an efficient manager, capable of organizing and inspiring

others.  Paul, you are especially talented in the areas of politics, religion, art, and

law.  You are highly creative and have an excellent understanding of people.

    You are broadminded and should be educated in several different fields,

particularly the arts.  Many great artists are found under this number.

    You tend to be a late bloomer and must be willing to take your time before

choosing a profession.  You need experience and exposure to many different

types of people before you find the one area in which you will specialize.

    You can relate to people in all walks of life.  Paul, you will do quite a bit of

traveling and go through many changes.

    At bottom, you have a great dream for humanity.  You want to improve the

conditions of people, whether they are in your community, state, country, or the

world at large.

    This is where your deepest satisfaction lies -- with performing some task that

will benefit others.

    You are able to express your feelings well, though a bit dramatically at times. 

You have a calm and even aristocratic appearance.  However, beneath it there is

a sense of frustration with not having received your due in life -- either from

parents, co-workers, or your community.

    Your challenge is to learn acceptance and forgiveness.  There is an element of

sacrifice in your life.  You need to let go of all negative attachments.  Any thoughts

of revenge will backfire badly against you.  You need to employ your spiritual and

philosophical outlook in all matters in which the balance seems to have been

struck against you.

    You attract money from all work that is service oriented.  The more you do for

others, the more you receive - - spiritually and materially -- in return.




Page 6

    Your Expression number reveals your physical and mental constitution, the

orientation or goal of your life.  Some numerologists refer to this number as the

Destiny, because it represents a lifelong target at which you are aiming.  You

work at fulfilling this potential every day of your life.  Thus, the Expression number

reveals your inner goal, the person you aim to be.   

    The Expression number reveals the talents, abilities, and shortcomings that

were with you when you entered your human body.  Your name, and the numbers

derived from it, reveals your development, as well as the talents and issues you

will be working with during this life.

    For those for whom reincarnation is an accepted philosophy, the vibration of

your full name can be seen as the totality of your personal evolution, the

experiences, talents, and wisdom accumulated over many life times.  Every

experience, no matter how great or small, along this evolutionary path has

influenced your development, and brought you to your current state of being.

    The Expression is your being; the Life Path is the major lesson you are

attempting to learn this time around.  Time allows the gradual emergence of your

personality.  By reading the Expression number below, you will come to

understand your basic nature and the abilities and issues inherent in your being.


Your Expression is 11/2 


    Paul, yours is the most highly charged Expression number of all.  You are like a

lightning rod, attracting powerful ideas, intuitions, and even psychic information

like unpredictable bolts.

    You are a powerful presence without any awareness on your part of having

personal power.  You are a channel for higher vibrations.  But in order to be

emotionally and psychologically at peace, you must learn to control that flow of

energy.  You possess a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious.  The

trouble is that the unconscious is an infinite resource, while consciousness by

definition is a limited arena.  The two are therefore at odds until they can learn to

live in harmony with each other.  This is where control comes in.  Until you are

able to control the flow of energy from this infinite source, you may feel like a

victim of its whimsy, thrown about by emotional turmoil and nervous tensions.

    Paul, you have always sensed that you are different, but it was an indefinable

feeling.  You are enormously sensitive and aware, especially as a child.  This

made you vulnerable to all conflicts and painful situations.  For most of your

upbringing, however, you did not realize that other people did not possess the

same sensitivity, nor did they see the same things you were seeing.  This caused

a great reservoir of emotion that was dammed up behind an inability to express

your feelings, even to yourself.  For this reason, most 11 Expressions have a

difficult childhood.  Your extreme sensitivity made you very shy as a child.  This

usually manifests in adulthood as hesitation and acute vulnerability.  You are very

Page 7

careful about sharing your feelings with others and choosing your friends.

    You compensated for your sense of separation in childhood by creating an

elaborate fantasy world.  You daydreamed more than other children.  You have a

lively imagination and even in adulthood have a hard time separating reality from


    Paul, your challenge is to bring forth your primitive, earthy strength.  You need

to be grounded in order to deal with your lightning bolts.  The more you are able to

call upon your inherent human strength, the greater your capacity to take

advantage of your extremely sensitive awareness.  Once this is accomplished,

your antagonist becomes your benefactor.

    You are highly emotional and dependent upon relationships.  Emotionally, you

go up and down with the fortunes of your love life.

    You are idealistic, impractical, and at times disorderly.  You are often

unrealistic in your expectations.

    Your reasons for doing things are usually born of a mixture of logic, emotion,

and intuition, which can rarely be explained satisfactorily to your more rational


    The 11 Expression is the number most dependent upon other core numbers in

your chart for insight into your vocation.  The 11 charges every area it enters, but

it needs a grounding vocation and discipline to be effective.

    A balanced 11 is one of the most unique and impressive of all people.  It is

gifted with insight and illumination, which it can transmit to others.  This makes

you a natural teacher in whatever area you enter.




    The Minor Expression number is based on the current (or short) name; the

name you now use to introduce yourself including your last name.

    The influence of the short name is minor in comparison to your full name. 

Interestingly, the short name often compensates in some way for numbers (and

their related characteristics) that are missing or out of balance in the full name.  

    For instance, a number missing in the full name may show up prominently in

the short name; or a number (or numbers) that appears in excess in the full name

can be compensated for in the short name.  If a name change takes place later in

life through marriage or for professional reasons, it adds or subtracts certain

qualities.  It can also focus and intensify existing characteristics or talents that

may be latent.


Your Minor Expression is 8 


    Your short name provides you with more leadership abilities and business

sense.  It encourages you to use more power in your relationships and directs

Page 8

you to higher standards of success.

    Paul, your Minor Expression number makes you a better judge of character. 

You are more realistic in your evaluation of others and their potential.  You are not

easily fooled.

    You must be willing to apply more effort toward all your endeavors.  You likely

demand more of yourself.

    Your abilities as a manager, organizer and administrator are enhanced.  You

are competitive and determined.  You are more likely to initiate your grander plans

and visions.




    Your Heart's Desire is the inner you.  It shows your underlying urge, your true

motivation.  It reveals the general intention behind many of your actions. 

Consequently, it dramatically influences the choices you make in life.  The Heart's

desire is seen as part of the larger picture, called the core numbers, which

includes the Life Path, Expression, Day you were born, and Personality.  But

each points to a different aspect of you.

    The Expression number reveals your talents and abilities, and your general

direction in life.  The Life Path is the central lesson you came into the world to

learn.  The Day you were born is very closely connected to your Life Path.  It

reveals specific talents you possess, which will be helpful to you in dealing with

your Life Path.  The Personality reveals how people tend to see you.  It also

demonstrates what characteristics you are projecting to the world.  The Heart's

Desire demonstrates the identity of the soul that joined the earth -- you, the

spiritual being.


Your Heart's Desire is 16/7 


    Paul, you love knowledge, study, and insight.  You value the gifts of your mind,

which you use to great advantage to penetrate the mysteries of life.  You study

things in-depth.  You search beneath the surface of things.  You abhor shallow

judgments or opinions.

    You have a natural gift for analysis and research.  Once you have grasped the

facts of a subject, your creativity and abstract approach lifts your thinking beyond

the rudimentary to the philosophical.  You have a theoretical mind, but rather than

indulge in fantasies or idle thought, you prefer to base your theories upon

scientific facts.

    Paul, you enjoy mental and physical puzzles -- figuring them out, taking them

apart, and putting them back together.

    Some people may perceive you as cool or aloof.  You are somewhat

introverted; you may feel slightly removed and even a little different.  The fantasy

Page 9

of the hermit or monk engaged in a life of study and meditation appeals to you.

    In relationships, you tend to keep things business-like and impersonal.  You

prefer to talk about the facts of a given situation, rather than the cloudier issues of

emotions and personal feelings.  You distrust feelings -- both your own and those

of others.  The whole emotional realm strikes you as unreliable, and a bit


    Paul, your inability to fully understand the emotional aspect of life is your

Achilles heel.  You are so rational that the unpredictability of the heart frightens

and surprises you.

    Your challenge is to trust.  You need to share your heart with someone.  This is

a courageous step for you, but will result in enormous growth and satisfaction.

    The advice here is to make a true connection with another human being. 

Without it, you may marry out of convenience or to fulfill social expectations, but it

will not lead you out of loneliness.  The more removed you are from people, the

more you risk isolation, bitterness, and a cynical attitude toward life.

    This choice represents a true crossroads in your development.  By sharing

yourself with others (without compromising your independence and need for

privacy) you can cultivate your enormous charm and share your understanding of

life.  You are a natural teacher and advisor.  And the wealth of knowledge you will

accumulate in life is meant to be shared with others.

    This is not to say that you must compromise on your need for privacy or time

spent alone to contemplate life.  These are natural aspects of your personality,

which are essential to your growth.  These characteristics should not be

threatening to your spouse, but must be understood as fundamental to your


    Paul, you are blessed with a great reserve of intuition, which can be cultivated

by regular meditation and contemplation.  Your "inner voice" is your greatest guide

and friend.

    You are idealistic and have high expectations for yourself.  Learn to balance

your serious nature with regular doses of fun.

    Your intelligence and cultivation make you charming and distinguished in

appearance.  As you get older and more comfortable with your identity, people are

naturally attracted to you.  They see your wisdom, your deep understanding of life,

and the refinement you radiate.




    The Minor Heart's Desire number is derived from the vowels of your current

name; the name you now use to introduce yourself.  The current name is a

refinement of the more complex qualities of your longer name (the full name at

birth).  It sharpens and bundles the energies that are reflected by your full name. 

It intensifies certain aspects of your being , and de-emphasizes others.  For this

Page 10

reason, the short name often provides insight into what you truly want in life.  It

also often reveals the extent of your understanding of what you want from this life. 

It reveals both your strong desires, and the limits you place upon your potential.    


    Your feelings about your current name are different from your full name.  It

affects how you feel about yourself; it changes your identity slightly.


Your Minor Heart's Desire is 10/1 


    With a 1 Minor Heart 's Desire, you draw from yourself more strength and

determination.  Paul, you try to be more original, innovative, and independent. 

You value courage and the will to meet adversity head on.

    You are more willing to lead, and less willing to follow.  You are less easily

influenced and intimidated.  You are willing to stand alone and are better able to

fight for what you think is right.




    Your Personality number is derived from the consonants of your full name at

birth.  Your Personality is like a narrow entrance hall to the great room that is your

true nature.  It is those aspects that you feel comfortable sharing with people at

the outset of a relationship.  With time and trust, you invite others into the deeper

aspects of your nature; you reveal more of who you really are, in effect, your

Heart's Desire, Expression, and so on.

    Your Personality number often serves as a censoring device, both in terms of

what you send out, as well as what you allow to approach.  It discriminates in the

kinds of people and information you let enter your heart and mind.  For this

reason, your Personality is usually much more narrow and protective in its

definition than the real you.  It can screen out some of what you do not want to

deal with -- people or situations -- but it also welcomes those things that

immediately relate to your inner nature.

    Your Personality number also indicates how others perceive you.  No one can

be objective about himself or herself.  Even our closest friends and relatives have

trouble describing how they see us.


Your Personality is 13/4 


    Paul, you radiate reliability and consistency.  People trust you and feel secure

with your judgment.  You are seen as a cornerstone of a business and are relied

upon to do your work efficiently and expertly.

    You have strength and respectability.  You tend to dress in a utilitarian manner,

concerned mostly with convention, practicality, durability, and price.  You present

Page 11

yourself as someone who values correctness, control, and precision.

    All of this stems from the fact that your most prized characteristic is your work. 

You want to be judged on the basis of your performance, rather than your


    You are frugal and have learned to respect a dollar.  You are concerned about

the security of your future and those you love.  However, this may appear to

others as a bit too austere.

    You tend to wear earth colors and conventional attire.  You could benefit by

putting a little flair in your dress.  Wear more uplifting colors.  Loosen your dress

with less severe lines.  If you wear a brown suit, include a bright tie or some


    You are a family person.  You love the intimacy, consistency, and the security a

family provides.  You are a good provider and protector.  But family members

may take your efforts for granted.

    Paul, you are a true patriot.  You love your country and are an integral part of

your community.  Your consistency and adherence to your well-laid plans usually

pays off in a comfortable and secure future.




    Your Maturity number indicates an underlying wish or desire that gradually

surfaces around age thirty to thirty-five.  This underlying goal begins to emerge as

you gain a better understanding of yourself.  With self-knowledge comes a

greater awareness of who you are, what your true goals in life are, and what

direction you want to set for your life.  This, in a nutshell, is the gift of maturity:

You no longer waste time and energy on things that are not within your own

special identity.

    No matter what your age is at present, your life is being channeled in a specific

direction, toward a very specific goal.  That goal can be seen as a reward or the

fulfillment of a promise that is implicit in your current efforts, often without your

knowing it consciously.  While the characteristics of this number are usually

visible during childhood, we tend to lose sight of these aspects until later in life. 

But our lives are always being affected by this influence, nonetheless.

    Your Maturity number begins to have a more profound impact on your life after

the age of 35.  The influence of the number increases steadily as you grow older.


Your Maturity is 6 


    As you mature, you will become increasingly concerned with the well-being of

family, friends, and community.  Paul, you will be drawn to the role as healer,

counselor, and teacher.  You have a growing ability to give comfort and sound

advice to those in need.

Page 12

    You naturally assume the role of patriarch or matriarch of those in your care,

no matter how old they are.  You become more responsible and protective.  You

may well become involved in environmental protection, volunteer work or politics.

    You are naturally idealistic and strive to realize those ideals as you grow in

maturity and in personal resources.

    Your careful and balanced approach to business and financial matters provides

you with sound and secure success later in life.  The 6 maturity number provides

an outstanding financial foundation for the future.

    In addition, the influence of the 6 promises an old age surrounded by loved


    For those who have few 6s in the chart, or none at all, this Maturity Number

promises the close relationships that you have strived for most of your life.




    The Bridge numbers in your chart are the numbers that indicate how you can

make the relationship between the individual core numbers in your chart easier

and more compatible.  Bridge numbers have the potential to "close the gap"

between the Life Path and Expression number, or the Heart's Desire and

Personality number.

    In this chapter we will explain what you can do to make your talents, strengths,

and specific abilities (Expression number) more easily available and fitting the

needs of your main lesson(s), and expected direction of growth (Life Path).


Your Life Path / Expression Bridge number is 2 


    Paul, be more sensitive to the needs and expectations of others.  Do not rock

the boat too often, but keep the peace and try to make things run smoothly.  You

have to use your ability to influence others with gentle diplomacy, instead of

confrontations.  Be more cooperative.




    Several Bridge numbers can be found in your chart.  The Bridge number

between the Life Path number and the Expression number was described earlier

in your reading.  The following Bridge number relates to your Heart's Desire

number and your Personality number.  This Bridge number, the Heart's Desire -

Personality bridge, explains how you can make your deeper self -- your needs

and desires, your true nature -- more aligned with the part of your personality

others tend to recognize when they meet you.  With a little exaggeration, you

could say that your Personality number is somewhat like your mask.  It is the

more superficial you; a protective shield and a camouflage of the deeper you. 

Page 13

You can easily imagine how much more comfortable, and less self-conscious,

the experience of life becomes when your deeper and more real you is closer and

more fitting to the personality you reveal on a day to day basis.


Your Heart's Desire / Personality Bridge number is 3 


    Loosen up a bit.  Have some fun; recharge your batteries.  Be more generous

to yourself.  Communicate your deeper feelings without fear to those close to you. 

Be more creative, particularly in the areas of dancing, writing, acting, or poetry. 

Develop faith in yourself.




    Numerology is based on the understanding that we enter life with certain

strengths and weaknesses.  Karmic lessons are areas that we are currently

weak in and must be faced and worked on in this life.  There can be more than

one Karmic Lesson.  These are indicated by the absence of certain numbers in

your name.

    The letters and numbers of your name point to talents and abilities that you

possess.  These characteristics can be compared to a workshop in which certain

tools are available to you.  Missing numbers, those that are not represented in the

letters in your name, imply tools that are unavailable, and must be learned and

mastered during this lifetime.

    You may well recognize your Karmic Lessons as weaknesses you have

learned to overcome in the course of your life, however, the challenges implied in

your Karmic Lessons will continue to come up occasionally for the rest of your



You have a Karmic Lesson 6 


    Paul, you have a major issue with commitment and responsibility to others.

    You have a hard time committing to marriage and other important personal

relationships.  You have to learn to show true emotion.

    You may feel isolated and alone, but do not understand why.  The reason is

that very often you form relationships yet remain heavily guarded, putting up a

show of emotion without truly communicating affection or care.  This can make

the bond between you and others superficial.  You must learn to establish sincere


    Paul, you will learn the importance of close friends and lasting relationships. 

You will learn to give and, when necessary, sacrifice.  This is the one true way to

true friendship and lasting love.


Page 14

    The effects of this Karmic Lesson are diminished if you have at least one 6

among your core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Hearts Desire, Expression, or

Personality Number).


You have a Karmic Lesson 8 


    Paul, you can attract a considerable amount of money and even be a good

business person, but you experience major ups and downs in your financial

affairs, due largely to your lack of caution in handling your resources.

    You are highly independent and do not want to be told how to do things.  You

have great problems with authority figures.  This stems from a kind of know-it-all

attitude and stubborn behavior that prevents you from knowing your limits.

    You will have to work at knowing how to handle money.  In all likelihood, you will

attract enough of it, but it has a tendency to slip through your fingers.  This

Karmic Lesson forces you to learn your limitations, and the limitations of your


    Learn to be efficient.


    The effects of this Karmic Lesson are diminished if you have at least one 8

among your core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Hearts Desire, Expression, or

Personality Number).




    Your Hidden Passion reveals one or more special strengths and talents that

you rely upon and are available to you.  The Hidden Passion represents your

specific field of expertise, or a concentrated talent.  

    Metaphorically, this talent can be seen as having a power all its own to shape

your life.  Its existence gives you a strong desire to develop and to express that

particular ability.  Having the talent demands that you express it, that you

experience this part of you, and that you live according to its nature.  In this way,

the Hidden Passion shapes your personality, and guides your life.


Your Hidden Passion is 1 


    Paul, you have a strong drive to stand out.  You have a great ambition and

desire to accomplish.  You are highly competitive and want to be the best and the

first in everything you do.  You are highly energetic and creative.  You are capable

of influencing and even dominating others.  You have highly developed political

skills, and can succumb to manipulation unless your ideals are high.

    Ironically, there are times when you lack confidence, especially at an earlier

age, but you have the strength to overcome this obstacle.

Page 15

    Paul, you are a survivor, a warrior, a leader.  Many great athletes and politicians

have this number as a Hidden Passion.




    Each of us experiences life on four different levels: with our physical body; our

mental faculty; our emotional makeup; and our intuition.  Each of these areas has

a specific means of perceiving information.  The physical body is capable of

touch, taste, pleasure, and pain.  It provides us with a sense of the physical world. 

The mental body, like the emotional and intuitive natures, perceives the invisible

worlds.  Our minds deal with the world of thought.  The heart, of course, is

preoccupied exclusively with the world of emotion.  Our feelings teach us many

things about ourselves and about others.  Finally, we have the capacity for direct

contact with the higher realms by way of intuition.  Intuitive insight comes in a

flash.  It is not rational -- that is the world of the mental plane -- but comes as if it

were placed at the doorstep of our minds.  Intuition, therefore, bypasses all effort.

    These four faculties exist in all of us.  But each of us depends more on one or

two of them for the bulk of our knowledge.  Some of us are possessed by our

senses, while others live almost exclusively in our hearts, or minds.

    Numerology indicates how we as individuals function on each plane.

    The letters of the alphabet are divided in four categories: physical, mental,

emotional and intuitive.

    The proportion of each category in your name gives a good indication of which

Planes of Expression are strongest in you, and which ones are weaker.

    These Planes of Expression can greatly help you to understand your talents

and abilities.




Your Plane of Expression Physical is 9 


    Paul, you have a strong presence.  You are charismatic and have a dramatic

flair in your personality, which may direct you to the theater.

    You are also drawn to politics, publishing, promotion, and public service -- any

career that requires a certain amount of time before the public.  You are attracted

to doing things on a large scale.

    You are a humanitarian.  You are concerned about the well being of society. 

You have a great deal of compassion, tolerance and generosity.

    You are highly idealistic and a bit of a dreamer.  You are not particularly

practical, however.  Very often, you are not understood by others, and sometimes

considered indifferent and aloof.

    In some way, you want to please everyone and tend to give promises that may

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be impossible to keep.

    If you develop your abilities, you have a significant chance to become famous.




Your Plane of Expression Mental is 19/1 


    Paul, your mind is very sharp and quick, coming up with good and innovative

ideas in a flash.  You process information quickly, but tend to put it in short-term

memory.  You use information for a specific purpose, but forget it quickly when it

no longer has any relevance to your immediate needs.

    You are the proverbial quick study.  You pick up information like a vacuum, and

may have a facility with languages.

    You are extremely original.  You love moving into the frontier of any enterprise

to come up with innovative methods.  You are a ground-breaker.

    You are witty and charming.  You get bored easily.




Your Plane of Expression Emotional is 12/3 


    Paul, you are very romantic.  You are highly creative and imaginative.

    You fantasize about your perfect "other": a White Knight on a horse, or a

beautiful princess.  Your response to painful emotional situations -- especially in

childhood -- was to create a fantasy world to which you escaped.  You may still

be doing that as an adult, perhaps to your detriment.  Reality lacks the romance

and excitement of your fantasies.

    Paul, you can be disorderly and disorganized, however.  You can be rather


    You likely have much artistic talent, especially in writing, acting, or singing.




Your Plane of Expression Intuitive is 16/7 


    Paul, you have great intuition and insight in abstract and metaphysical matters. 

You seek a broad perspective on all intuitive matters.  You like to provide scientific

and rational support to all of your intuitive insights.

    You have an inventive mind and likely have a talent as a writer or composer.



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    People experience different internal responses to life's challenges.  Some

withdraw from difficult situations to think them through; others withdraw from their

emotions, to try and keep themselves from feeling anything.  Some explode with

emotions, but allow the explosion to pass quickly.  Others linger with their

feelings, holding on to them well past the time they should have let them go.

    Very often, these are conditioned or emotional responses that emerge without

thought or analysis.  Maturity and self-development help us to learn new and more

effective methods of handling our world and the problems we confront.  Your

Balance number provides you with the guidance on how best to deal with difficult

or threatening situations.


Your Balance is 3 


    Paul, be more lighthearted and optimistic in your approach to problems.  Try to

work with others toward a mutually satisfying solution.  Use your considerable

charm to influence the situation.

    You can be extremely emotional when faced with a problem.  Try to control this

tendency; you need a degree of objectivity.  You may become too personally

attached to the solution you seek, thus failing to see that the outcome can be

beneficial to all concerned.




    Your Rational Thought number reveals what can probably best be described as

the way you think.  Are you a practical, methodical thinker, or a dreamer? Do you

frequently allow your imagination to color your perception? Are you

unconventional and original in the face of a practical problem, or do you stick to

proven methods?

    This is the kind of information revealed through your Rational Thought number.


Your Rational Thought is 30/3 


    Paul, you are creative, but your thoughts tend to be scattered.  You jump

around inside your head without much focus.  You come up with solutions that

reveal an illogical approach, yet they often work.

    As it applies to you, rational thinking is a contradiction in terminus.  You project,

interpret, and analyze your projects and problems in a manner that often leaves

others flabbergasted.  However, you are unbeatable when it comes to shining

new and original light on issues; often coming up with unique answers.

    You have this Rational Thought number in common with a number of famous

and original thinkers -- and the key-word here is original -- throughout history.

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    The first letter of your first name gives an additional indication to your

character, particularly as to the manner in which you approach opportunities and

obstacles.  The first letter is called your Cornerstone.


Your Cornerstone is J 


    Paul, your J is for Justice.  You are honest, loyal, reliable and sincere.  You

want to improve the lives of others.  You may try too hard to please everyone. 

You have a clever mind and are very talented.  However, you have to work at

motivating yourself to make the most of your talents.




    Your Subconscious Self reveals how you react to demanding situations.  It

indicates your ability to get the most out of your talents and opportunities,

especially when you face new or challenging circumstances.  The Subconscious

Self also reveals the areas of our character that need to be strengthened.


Your Subconscious Self is 7 


    Paul, you can appear indifferent to your surroundings and somewhat aloof. 

You are well-balanced and can survive many a stormy time.  In time of trial, you

withdraw within yourself finding solace and answers, in your creative and

analytical mind.  You may be a bit of a loner and do not easily share your feelings

with others.




    Each of us is born with both strengths and weaknesses.  Numerology looks at

life as if it were an educational process that is meant to bring out and enhance

our talents, and turn our weaknesses into strengths.  This serves to complete our


    The job of becoming whole is one in which we must face our weaknesses and

consciously work to improve ourselves.  There are four Challenges to be faced

during our lives.  For many of us, the same challenge is repeated, while others

have four distinctly different lessons to learn.  

    The Challenges on your life's path provide specific lessons that you must

attend to, and, in order to inspire and help you, life will place you in situations that

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require the specific characteristics of your Challenge numbers.

    The four Challenges you are required to overcome during the course of this

lifetime will influence you during different periods of your life, except for the Third

or Main Challenge, which lasts from birth until death.  The Challenges are fluid

periods of your life, not confined to specific years so much as general periods.  All

of your Challenges are present at birth, like actors standing in the wings.  




    The duration of the First Challenge usually lasts from birth until approximately

the age of 30 to 35.


Your First Challenge is 3 


    Paul, you are your own worst critic.  You suppress your individuality and

creativity.  Each time you want to make an impression, you doubt yourself

beforehand, and criticize yourself ruthlessly afterward.  Your criticism of yourself

is far more severe than anyone else's.

    As a result, you tend to play it safe by staying on the surface, indulging in

superficialities.  You rarely express what goes on deep inside of you; instead, you

cover up your feelings with humor or perfunctory remarks.

    You often feel alone and lonely.

    Paul, your fear of social interaction causes you to strain conversation by

making too many jokes and forced joviality.

    It may help you to find a creative outlet for your imagination, possibly through

writing, painting, singing or dance.

    At the bottom of the challenge is an effort to bring out your true self.  You will

learn to truly value your own creative talents above anyone else's judgments. 

This must be viewed as a process of individuation, in which you become a whole

human being, independent and free of the need to conform to others.




    The Second Challenge usually lasts until the age of about 35 to 40.


Your Second Challenge is 2 


    Paul, you are overly sensitive and too aware of other peoples' expectations. 

You suppress yourself to avoid feeling conspicuous.  You can be overwhelmed by

self-consciousness.  You fear gossip about you.  As a result, you become

inhibited.  All of this results in a suppression of your own individuality and

uniqueness.  You yearn to blend into the crowd.

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    You let your own feelings and emotions play too big a role.  Your

hypersensitivity causes fear, timidity and lack of self-confidence.  And you

experience unnecessary fear and emotional turmoil.

    Little things seem disproportionately difficult to overcome and sometimes have

a paralyzing effect.  Jealousy can cause much pain and misunderstanding.

    These negative aspects of the challenge actually spring in part from positive

characteristics you possess, especially your acute awareness and intuition.  You

are an antenna for other people’s feelings; you know before a word is spoken how

they feel.

    Paul, you lack the inner strength to maintain your own center, and try to

conform to the prevailing emotional atmosphere.

    This challenge makes you understanding and compassionate; you have an

enormous empathy for the inner turmoil of others and can do much good for

people with emotional problems.




    This Challenge carries much weight and will be felt throughout your life.  For

that reason, it is also called the Main Challenge.

    As you master this challenge, your life will come more and more under your

own control.  You will incorporate the positive aspects of the challenge into your

character.  This is its purpose in the first place.  Therefore, there is implicit in the

challenge a chance for great reward.

    In short, this may be the secret to your success.


Your Third Challenge is 1 


    You must learn to be independent.  Paul, you will be forced to stand up for

yourself and your rights.  You will be faced with situations in which you will have to

choose between standing up for what you think is right versus giving in to another

person's demands.  You will have to struggle to strengthen and know your own

will power.

    You will have to learn to be firm and trust your judgment.  Don't run with the

crowd, be an individual.  This whole lesson represents the frontiers of your

consciousness.  Therefore, you will have to experience much trial and error,

sometimes exploding with bursts of aggression, other times being intimidated and

letting frustration and anger build within you until you are ready to act on your

deepest instincts.

    Paul, you will learn your own set of values; you will develop into an individual

with original and innovative ideas.

    If you have 1s in your core numbers or in your Hidden Passion this challenge

will not be as difficult to learn, or as strongly felt.

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    The Fourth Challenge is most strongly felt during the latter part of our lives,

beginning at the age of approximately 45.


Your Fourth Challenge is 1 


(This Challenge is the same as the Third, as described above.) 




    The Pinnacles are four long-term cycles, or periods, on our Life Path.  Each

Pinnacle represents a particular lesson we are working on.  The first Pinnacle

usually lasts from birth to between the ages of 30 and 35 (your specific Pinnacle

periods are provided below).  The middle two Pinnacles each last nine years. 

The last Pinnacle will stay with you for the remainder of your life.

    The Pinnacles are very important.  The transition from one Pinnacle to the next

is always strongly felt.  Your Pinnacles reveal the general conditions and events

you will experience during the period.  The Pinnacle describes the atmosphere, or

the essential challenge you will be faced with.

    You can prepare yourself for the times ahead by knowing your approaching

Pinnacle number.

    The transition from one Pinnacle to the next is usually prepared for

approximately 2 years in advance.  The latter part of that two year period is

particularly strong.  Paul, you will likely make some life-altering decisions --

marriage, job or career change, or any number of major changes in your


    Perhaps the most strongly felt change -- internally as well as externally -- is the

transition from the first to the second Pinnacle.  This change usually takes place

in your late 20s or early 30s -- the exact date depends on your Life Path number

and is provided below.  You begin to feel the impact of this coming change

approximately two years prior.  This is usually a difficult transition, but once

crossed usually provides a clear sense of direction in one's life.  It also gives you

a much firmer sense of your identity.  It is a gateway to maturity.


Your First Pinnacle (from birth until age 32) is 6 


    Under this Pinnacle you will be very involved with family, friends, and your

community.  Paul, you will face an increase in responsibilities and duties, but you

have a greatly enhanced sense of balance and perspective that allows you to

handle emotional issues well.

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    Your family demands much of your attention.  Matters involving spouse and

children require much security, love, and sacrifice.  You are the centerpiece of

your family, the one people come to for solace and understanding.  You may feel

an increased burden, as you carry the cares of many.  You will experience a deep

sense of being needed.

    This Pinnacle is full of love, closeness, and warmth, but you must rise to the

challenges that close relationships bring.  Paul, you must settle and bring

harmony to personal conflicts between others.  You are often the only one with

perspective in a conflict.  It is as if you are the keeper of justice, bringing

understanding and compromise to situations that are polarized.

    Under the influences of this Pinnacle -- especially at its outset -- people are

often married or start families.  Children are born, in-laws come into your life.  You

are the nucleus of a little world.

    You must maintain your dignity.  This is a period that makes it easier to

sacrifice, but you can overdo it, becoming a doormat for others to step on simply

to maintain a degree of peace.  Know your limits and maintain healthy


    This is a fine period for growth in business and financial matters.  You attract

people with resources who can help to further your personal goals.  Moreover,

you are balanced in your approach to business affairs.  This can bring many


    Paul, your heightened sense of harmony and your genuine compassion makes

you an excellent counselor and healer, especially if you already have native talent

in any of these areas.

    Personal health matters can also surface, causing you to reflect on diet,

exercise, and other health habits.

    Your desire to help others is also increased.  But this can lead you to poke

yourself into situations where you do not belong, or delve too deeply into other

people's personal affairs.  Be careful not to meddle or interfere.


    The 6 Pinnacle is a time of progress and growth as a full human being.  You

are capable of developing yourself in many different directions -- as a loving mate

and parent; a sound businessperson; and as a pillar of your community.  The

time requires the balance you possess, since you can easily stretch yourself in

too many directions and ultimately feel burned out by the demands in your milieu.


Your Second Pinnacle (from age 33 until age 41) is 7 


    This is a period of inner development and soul searching.  Paul, you will deal

with the deeply important questions of personal existence and the meaning of life. 

You will need time to be alone to contemplate your inner world.  This is a time of

spiritual growth.  You will experience a heightened sense of faith.  The power of

Page 23

the universe will be the force that carries you along.

    You have an enhanced appreciation of poetry and nature.  Walks in nature

provide great therapeutic value and spiritual nourishment.

    This is a time of specialization.  You will pursue some course of development

with fervor and focus.  Your ability to concentrate will be greatly increased.  Paul,

your desire to study in all forms -- reading, self reflection, and contemplation -- will

reach an all-time high.  Your intuition is much more sensitive, making your path a

little easier and more direct, since you know intuitively the appropriate next step.

    Under this Pinnacle, you will become an expert in one particular field.  Your

capacity to penetrate the depths of a subject area is enormous.  You will look

below the surface in virtually everything you encounter.  It is very possible that you

will find yourself in a teaching role.

    You must consciously work on your closer relationships, especially with your

spouse and children.  You must explain that your desire to turn inward is not an

escape or an avoidance of those you love, but a deep need for knowledge.

    During this 7 Pinnacle, spiritual growth, increased knowledge, and wisdom are

the big rewards.  The 7 Pinnacle provides the basis for contentment in older age,

because you now begin to understand life more deeply.

    Paul, your challenge is to avoid becoming critical or cynical of others.  You can

become so withdrawn from society that you look down on others.  You may forget

that you, too, are part of the imperfect human race.  Sarcasm is the lowest form

of communication, and a trap you could fall victim to.

    Your desire to attain some high degree of perfection is sincere.  But that pursuit

can make you miserable if you lose perspective and fail to realize the relativity of

human existence.  Perfection is a Utopian goal, but an unrealistic ambition.  It can

cause you to be dissatisfied with yourself and others.

    The 7 provides the possibility of true refinement, insight, and a high degree of

wisdom.  This deep understanding is the basis for self-love and true happiness.


Your Third Pinnacle (from age 42 until age 50) is 4 


    This is a Pinnacle of hard work and many rewards.  Paul, you have the

opportunity to build a foundation that will last.  Your abilities as an organizer,

manager, or simply the rock of any institution are greatly increased.  You are

dependable and reliable.  Your ability to fulfill responsibilities is likewise enhanced.

    As a result of your industry and perseverance, success is well within your

reach.  It is a step-by-step process in which you build something by small bricks

laid one after another.

    You will find yourself caring for others in a very material way.  Family and

in-laws can be burdensome, since you are seen as the cornerstone of the


    Your life is preoccupied with details and responsibilities that must be taken

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care of.  You have set in motion projects that are your children, demanding your

constant attention.  While there are many rewards, there are also many

frustrations.  Paul, your sense of your own limits and the consuming nature of

details may at times seem overwhelming.

    You must remember that things that last require slow growth.  You may

mistakenly believe that your progress should be faster, or happen with greater


    The need for efficiency, orderliness, and methodical systems limit your


    Your challenge is to be flexible and adaptable.  Learn to play more and allow

yourself to be more spontaneous.

    Children born under this Pinnacle will tend to be serious and affected by the

financial limitations of their parents.  The child may feel the need to leave home

early and start a family of his own.  He or she must be encouraged to be more

farsighted and flexible.  The child should avoid jumping into the harsh realities of

life too soon.


Your Fourth Pinnacle (from age 51) is 4 


(This Pinnacle is the same as the Third, as described above.) 


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