Lunar Return Report

for Drew Barrymore

Jul 03, 2008





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Christine Bennett

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The Chart Data


Natal Chart Lunar Return
Drew Barrymore Lunar Return Chart
Feb 22, 1975 Jul 03, 2008
11:51:00 AM PST +08:00 10:54:31 PM GST -10:00
Culver City, CA Sydney, AUSTL
118W23'44" 34N01'16" 151E13'00" 33S52'00"
Koch Houses Koch Houses






























































18Cp13' R




12Ca18' R









02Sc21' R





22Pi38' R









23Aq53' R




08Li47' R





29Sg30' R






















Interpretation text copyright 2001 by John Townley
Degree Symbols from Sabian Lecture Lesson: Symbolic Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones
Program Copyright 2003 Matrix Software, Inc.


The Lunar Return

Astrology can provide many valuable panoramas as you move through this world, from a lifelong overview to the snapshot of the opportunities available in a single instant. The view you get depends upon how far back you pull from the subject and thus how much your eye, so to speak, can encompass. In the words of the Sesame Street song:

That's about the size,
Where you put your eyes,
That's about the size of it.

It's all in how you frame your picture. The closer to the subject you get, the greater the detail - the farther away, the larger the scope. The natal horoscope with its transits and progressions can, for instance, give you a view of all the days of your life, painted with a broad brush. Or, the sweep of the heavens in the instant of the moment can portray where you're at right now. In the middle, the pictures of the coming month or the coming year are available to you in the form of lunar (monthly) and solar (yearly) returns.

What Is A Lunar Return?

Your Lunar return is the monthly chart of the instant the Moon in the sky returns to the exact position it was at your birth. It's kind of a monthly birthday, and the arrangement of planets it displays reflects the patterns of your coming month. Each month, this re-birth-day works out its potential for you and then is renewed once again 27 1/2 days later with a new set of surprises and opportunities.

How Does It Work?

Like your natal chart, or any other kind of horoscope, a Lunar return is a chart of a beginning - in this case, the monthly beginning of the lunar cycle that started at your birth, which is the cycle of your response to your environment, including your emotions, feelings, interactivity, social well-being, and generally how creatively you react to the challenges and opportunities of life. It works on the principle that when you begin something - anything - everything that flows from it is bound up in the initial conditions under which it started. The beginning is your foundation, and you build and rest upon it until you are finished. A Lunar return is the astrological depiction of the new beginning you make each month and what results from it until the next cycle begins.

Well Begun Is Half Done

"The beginning is half of everything," said the ancient Greeks, and so your monthly beginning is something to be taken seriously and honored, if you want your lunar month to have a good start. Thus, give yourself a little time and space to rest and meditate if you can in the few hours surrounding the time of your Lunar return each month. Take the time to think about what lies ahead, plan your strategies, and gather your resources so you can make the best of what's offered. Look over the aspects in your Lunar return chart and the days and times ahead where they individually kick in. Once you've got a calm picture of the challenges and openings to come, you can rise to seize the day, one moment at a time, and make the most of the month.

Changing The Picture

The planetary positions in a Lunar return are locked in at the moment the Moon returns to its natal place. Where these positions fall in relation to the local horizon, and thus the areas of life in which they work, is entirely dependent upon where you are at the time. Thus, if you see that your Lunar return is going to develop a picture you'd like to rearrange, that can be accomplished by placing yourself at the right spot on the globe to fine-tune the event. Many astrologers travel widely in order to adjust both Solar and Lunar returns - I have done so repeatedly over the last 35 years with apparent great success, so I recommend it when necessary. Moving about extensively every month is not easy for everyone, but being aware that it affects the Lunar return is a plus if you normally travel on business and have some say as to where.

Pieces Of The Puzzle

The Lunar return is a large piece of the astrological picture of what happens with your life every month, but it is not the only one. Lunar transits, New and Full Moons, and other factors also weigh in, so they have been included in this report so you can have a more complete picture of what to expect and what you have to work with. You should remember, however, that factors whose timing is as short as a monthly cycle are more like the minute or second hands on your life's clock face. Don't forget to stand back every now and then and refresh yourself with the big picture of where you are and where you're going, which are described by long-term transit and progression cycles. After that, you can get back down to the day-to-day nitty-gritty which the Lunar return offers and know that your focus is tracking and every moment is enjoyed and utilized to its best advantage.With that in mind, read on and launch yourself into the coming month with the wind at your back and the planets racing by your side...


Your Personal Lunar Return

Your Lunar Return Chart This Month

Your Lunar return can be read in a manner similar to many other types of horoscopes, except that in doing interpretations it must be kept in mind that it has an unusually short life. The chart is only in effect for 27 1/2 days until it is supplanted by the next Lunar return. Thus, where the middle and outer planets are concerned, there is little or no change of sign over literally dozens of Lunar returns. This makes the overall influence of signs more of a long-term, barely changing backdrop and thus negligible in effect. The house placements and the mutual aspects of the planets and Angles thus become where all the action is, fueled mostly by the faster-changing positions of the inner planets. That may be just as well, as trying to stuff too much interpretive information into a description of a single month leads to diminishing returns, and what is important gets lost in the shuffle. So what is most important in a Lunar return? Certainly the house positions of the Sun and Moon, and the sign of the Ascendant, which represent the main areas of focus for the month, along with the house positions of the planets. After that comes the aspects of the Lights, Angles, and inner planets to each other and to the middle and outer planets, which describes the dynamics of the month. Last comes the aspects of the middle and outer planets to each other, which provide a background dynamic upon which the rest play out. These, taken together with featured elements of your natal chart highlighted by Lunar Return positions, give an overall picture of the coming month.


Daily Events

After a look at the overall picture for the month, daily influences are painted primarily by the transiting Moon as it passes through the natal and Lunar return houses and ticks off its conjunctions to planets in both the natal chart and the Lunar return chart. This accounts for 47 occurrences, each of which happens once, in varying orders, throughout each month. As the Moon transits the houses and planets of the natal chart, it triggers events that are both personal to the moment and yet connect with more long-term issues as well, since the natal chart abides permanently. As the Moon touches the houses and planets of the Lunar return, however, its effects are to highlight and spark off the trends depicted in that chart only, and thus apply only to very short-term developments. These Lunar transits thus give what amounts to inner and outer pictures, short-term and longer-term effects working together, both of which are described in the text.


Personal Void-of-Course Moon

One final, and very useful, addition is the Personal Void-of-Course Moon. The period of time every 2 1/2 days when the transiting Moon has made its last aspect to another body in the sky before changing signs is described as a Void-of-Course Moon period. It can last from a few minutes to over a day, depending how late in signs the planets are at the time. Because the Moon at this time doesn't really have its "feet on the ground," is generally considered a period unfavorable for tangible decisions that require solid support, but an excellent time for insight, relaxation, and reaching outside of confining boundaries. Many astrological calendars include a monthly list of these times. If you have natal planets late in one or more signs, however, an ordinarily Void-of-Course Moon may still be making aspects to your chart, allowing you a special exception from the rule and giving you a decision-making advantage at this time. Conversely, if your planets are mostly early in signs, then for you the Moon goes Void-of-Course sooner than for the rest of the world, allowing you to check out and party early, while others are still in a more mundane frame of mind. Thus, included here is a list of your own Personal Void-of-Course Moon times unique to you alone, in order to give you a very specific personal advantage. They each begin when the Moon makes its last aspect to your chart and end when the Moon enters the next sign.


Lunar Return: Jul 03, 2008


As in a natal chart, the first thing you look at is the position of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Their positions and aspects form the fundamental dynamic for the month: whether it's coming on like a juggernaut, sneaking up like a cat, stumbling in like a bull in a china shop, or striding in like a hero. Since the Lunar Return Moon is the same as your natal Moon, any aspects to it are also transiting aspects to your natal horoscope, thus uniquely entwining both charts and making the Lunar aspects especially important. The house position of the Sun and Moon tell you where your main action will be all month, and the Ascendant sign show the overall style. Easy aspects of these to the rest of the chart will show a month whizzing by according to plan. Hard aspects will indicate tangles and challenges to overcome. The text relays how to make the most of the former and how to transform the latter to get best results from the month.


You may find that the next lunar month revolves around fundamental issues of what you stand for and where you live. On the outside, this may involve tending to issues of home and house to make sure that your home is indeed your castle and properly reflects and satisfies what you are and where you want to be. On a deeper level, you can find yourself looking to further uncover your roots in a deeply personal way - what you stand for, the bottom line of where your foundations lie. Issues of ethics and decisions on moral issues may present themselves, and now is the perfect time to address them, as your heart will be in it.

Sun in Fourth House


You may find yourself rather inclined to stay at home and gladly let the world pass you by this coming lunar month. Certainly it's a time to gather yourself and get in contact with what you really feel and want to stick with. That needn't be carried out by literally sequestering yourself (though it may), but it will certainly be characterized by holding back a bit and not giving away the store. Protecting what is yours will be your first and best reaction, but you may have to learn to do it while carrying on business as usual. You can live in, yet apart from, the world at the same time to preserve your inner integrity.

Moon in Fourth House

A major inclination this month will be to like what you see or make what you see into something you like. Good feelings come easy and intense, and it's easy to love and be loved. Your first reaction will be to charm and flatter, and that will get you everywhere so go ahead and indulge in it. Avoid being a Pollyanna, however, as not everything you feel to be just wonderful will appear entirely so to others. Make sure you can take the rose-colored glasses off when you need to. On the other hand, your ability to be a rosy optometrist to those in need of a better attitude will be appreciated all around. Good feelings are their own reward, but they also bring reward, in both short and long runs.

Moon Conjunction Venus

This month, and this year, show a general trend toward devising new ways to fill in emotional gaps. This can lead to extravagance and overdoing things in general, so watch your waistline and your wallet. The instinct of generosity is heightened, but so is occasional indiscrimination in its use, which may cause hurt from those who fail to return it. The way to avoid that is to give only where you know true feelings lie - but that is one of the very things that may be elusive right now, so always take a second look. Of course, if you never give in order to get, as you should, this will never be a problem. In any event, it's a time for growing, learning moral lessons through personal experience.

Moon Opposition Jupiter


This month has a way of eluding definition, and if you try to pin things down too precisely, they just slip right away into the mist. Intuitive approaches succeed where structure fails, and flying by the seat of your pants may get you where you want to go faster than using a flight plan. Faith and hope are the pillars of wisdom for a time, and don't ask for proof up front, as it's likely to be an illusion. Doubting Thomases regret their actions, but the possibilities of sainthood beckon. Follow your still, small voice and you'll float through the month unscathed. Images you project are as real as anything else, which lets you rule with your imagination, chase your dreams. The command: sail on through the mists of night until morning.

Ascendant in Pisces

Uranus rising gives this month a brusque, edgy quality which may find you to seem overbearing or too quick to judge when all you really meant was excitement and self-certainty. Original ideas may indeed abound, but couch them in terms that people can more easily accept and refrain from overwhelming them, which could lead to confrontation and failure to communicate. Don't be short or impatient, but bristle with enthusiasm and take the time to explain more than once if need be. It takes people time to absorb the new, and there's no point in scaring people off by coming on too strong. Also objects come out of the blue, so watch when you're crossing the street, etc.

Uranus Conjunction Ascendant

Fighting will get you nowhere this month, especially because that may be the first thing you're inclined to do, especially when roadblocks appear at work or home and you feel that bulldozing them will take care of the problem. It won't, and the more you try to force your way, the more resilient and elusive the resistance becomes, until you reach maximum frustration and minimum forward motion. The reason is that the people involved are at cross-purposes and not really hearing what's being said, but pushing on, anyway. The solution is to cut the spiraling shovefest and find out what the real issues are, after which you'll likely find everyone was really in accord to begin with.

Pluto Square Ascendant


The inner planets change significantly from month to month and indicate the personal permutations your life is going through. Basically, it's the framework of how you play the game, who else is playing, and how they're playing it. Easy aspects mean you win with no contest, hard aspects suggest a more hard-fought game that may put your life skills more to the test and increase your personal growth and talents through experience. The text relays both sides and gives advice on what games to play, what ones to avoid, and the best strategies - whether you want to raise, hold, or walk away.


Brainstorming is a decided option this lunar month. Intellectual sparks fly and open up networking possibilities. The ability to put your ideas into words and get them across increases, so now's the time to write those letters, make those phone calls, chat up associates, and generally become an active part of the matrix. Dealing with technology will be easier, knotty problems simpler to resolve, fuzzy thinking clears up. Descarte's "I think, therefore I am" applies to you doubletime so put on your thinking cap and stoke your gray matter. Details fit better into the whole plan, so attend to them and be sure they are in their proper places. It's a perfect time for that "Aha!" moment when the mist clears and the landscape comes into full view.

Mercury in Third House

It's more easy than usual to have a sharp or a sarcastic tongue, and the opportunities for cutting up with a rapier wit abound. You may find that can cause more trouble and hurt than you think, so it's a good thing if you hold back a bit. That's for two reasons: first, that you may be putting your foot in your mouth, as mental processes are a bit at cross-purposes now. Second, you may create enemies who would have gladly been your friends had you been more gentle with their mistakes. Impatience leads to shallowness, however surface-bright, so follow your feelings a step deeper before letting them out of the box.

Mercury Square Uranus

Open hand, open heart have the advantage as solid links with the inner world unfold and allow more intimate expressions of love, romance, dreams, and aspirations. The greatest inner wisdom unfolds with the least effort and you may have to check yourself ("did I say that?") when accidental profundity comes your way. Listen to what you are saying, and take your own advice. Although you may be a bit on the idealistic side, you've got to have a dream to have a dream come true, and now is the time when dreams are well-made and are more than just fantasy or illusion. Check self-criticism at the door, you will have plenty of excuses to doubt yourself later, and with better reason.

Mercury Trine Neptune


No time like the present to get into a serious bout of interior decorating, both inside and out. That can mean changing around the accouterments of where you physically live by painting, adding accessories, and generally beautifying your home. Or, it can mean spending some time refiguring what most pleases and satisfies you when you are home alone, with only yourself for company. On this earth, you are your own best refuge, so you should be happy taking shelter within your soul. When your inner house is in order, the world outside welcomes instead of threatens. A well-wrought starting place means a solid return. This is an ideal time to seek a balance between the inner and outer realms, so they are at peace with one another.

Venus in Fourth House

Overdoing it or not getting enough of what you want can alternate, and striking a balance will be the challenge. A practical approach is what's needed and the last thing that comes naturally. The inclination to grab the brass ring or fall off the carousel trying is the first feeling to take hold, but after a few tries you realize you do better by reining in your desires and maximizing your possibilities. What/who you can't get now, put on layaway until you have enough and then decide if that's really your best choice, anyway. A positive, expansive approach pays off dividends though you should take care not to give more than you've got just because it feels good.

Venus Opposition Jupiter

You can experiment with a pretty free hand this month, as probably anything new and original you come up with will be pleasing to all concerned. By a casual display of talent, you can make the most far-out combinations seem tempting to swallow and the new pick of the day. Cutting-edge flavors become the rage all around, but you can be the one charting the course if you decide to right now. Whatever you want, just give it a try and don't feel you have to hold back. In fact, the essence of success is to give way to new forms of delight and then spread the wealth to the less creative.

Venus Trine Uranus


Work hard, play hard, as they say. Well, it's time to take some time to throw yourself into your work, as you have added energy to cut through challenges that may have been holding you back. That may also include an inclination to dominate your associates, however, which is appropriate only when necessary to avoid personal slights. You may feel you have to push health issues like diet and exercise, which is good, but don't go overboard. Pace yourself, as sudden strains could be self-defeating. Distribute yourself wisely and don't get hung up on a single solution. You've got the impetus to do many things well, so feel free to scatter your shot to hit multiple marks. Still yourself and focus before each move and you'll hit the bullseye.

Mars in Sixth House

This is a time to be in it for the long haul, where getting things done requires patience, tenacity, endurance, stamina. That applies as much to your personal life as to the rest of the world around you. You will not get things done quickly, but you will do them well and have accomplishments to be proud of. Expect to be tired, but also expect to get that second wind that comes from pressing on anyway like a long-distance runner. Precision operations are favored, as is restoral, renovation, refurbishing, anything that puts new life into the old. What you spend a lot of time on perfecting will last, and hard work, however slow it goes, pays off in the end.

Mars Conjunction Saturn

You can get yourself across like Babe Ruth with a big swing this month, an easy swat that knocks it out of the park without a second thought. The trick, of course, is to avoid that second thought, which could spoil it. Plan to count on ease and even presumption of success when you make your moves and you'll connect with the ball. Fidget with your bat, and your out. The bottom line is the faith that you know you will connect, that this is your time, and you are simply on a journey already described and now just being enjoyed. When you lose the edge of nervousness, all is free-swinging play, and that is what makes for a joyful, powerful thrust, whether in personal or professional adventures.

Mars Trine Pluto


The positions of the middle and outer Planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, along with the Moon's North and South Nodes - change little from one Lunar Return to the next, so they add more of a backdrop, the stage set on which the monthly play is performed. They are very powerful, however, and their long-running helpful and troublesome aspects are not to be taken lightly. They can be like a rope to swing yourself across the stage or a trap door that will cause a fall if you're not watching. The text on the mutual aspects of these giants to the inner planets and the Lights, and where they fall by house, shows you just where to watch for them, what mood they're in, and how to get them on your side.


You think noone is talking about you? Think again - everybody is, only maybe you didn't notice. Find out what they're saying and take action to take advantage of it and turn it to your benefit. It's also a great time to spread the word about yourself to potential employers, professional colleagues, and anyone you'd like to think better of you. Your best side is showing now, so make sure it's well-exposed. If there is any caveat, it is to make sure that you can at least halfway live up to what others expect, when push comes to shove. Advances at work are favored, praise for previous effort in the pipeline, and a general boost to your reputation which, however, requires your active follow-up to make it work.

Jupiter in Tenth House


Things slacken off in the work department for awhile, though that doesn't mean there's no pressure to deliver. Quite the opposite, you'll need to put out more to get what you want done. It may be aggravating in the short term, but in the long term you'll thank yourself for having stayed the course. Instead of worrying about a situation that can't be helped, throw yourself into the work you have so you'll be proud of it later. Further, losing yourself in the moment is a superior way to reduce stress and anxiety and the health repercussions which they bring. When you're focused on new, you don't sweat the future, while in the process of better preparing for it at the same time.

Saturn in Sixth House


This is a good time to look twice before you accept unexpected offers or suggestions to switch horses in mid-stream. Snap decisions can be your undoing, so slow and easy wins the race, even if the hare seems to race past you. If it looks too good to be true, chances are it's not. If you can't check out where it comes from, be extra wary. The uninspected opportunity has troubled roots, so look well, dig to find them. The roots may be your own, don't get hoisted on your own petard. As Pogo said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us!" Question others, question yourself. The answers will be revealing and will have made this period very worthwhile.

Uranus in Twelfth House


This is a wonderful period for gathering old friends together, kicking back, and partying down. Memories will be tinged with a pleasant soft focus, current events viewed through rose-colored glasses, the future painted bright and full of prospect. Don't kid yourself that you're coming up with practical analysis or concrete solutions, but the ideas run free and the company is warm, so what more could you ask? You're best off with people you already know well, as bringing new blood into your old circle may just cause confusion. Don't try to garnish support from higher-ups, as you'll only muddy your prospect. Stick to where affection already lies and can be reaffirmed.

Neptune in Eleventh House

For a month or so you may find yourself being asked to commit to things that really aren't clear enough to tie yourself down to. Promises to be always true, sort of, or a hot new project, but no contract. Unless you can make a commitment that is as ambiguous as what is being offered, it might be a better idea to say thanks I'll take a rain check. This doesn't mean opportunities right now won't pan out, just that you don't know how they'll develop later when you're still tied to them. On the other hand, if you can make it a definite maybe, you'll be in gravy and not in the soup no matter how you play it, and you'll have had a good time to boot.

Neptune Conjunction Node


The world of career struggle and striving to be on top of the heap is often characterized as "a real war out there." That doesn't have to be, but it will this cycle unless you do what you can to defuse volatile situations that may arise. Challenges to how you earn your living and reputation may force you into adjusting to change and devising new directions more profitable and satisfying than the old. The rule of thumb is: if it fails, don't linger on it, move on. Your freedom of action is only restricted by the deadweight you are willing to carry, so toss it overboard like Jonah, it's all for the best. This may be the opportunity you have been waiting for to reinvent yourself, or at least be seen as doing so.

Pluto in Tenth House

Pluto overhead this month can either help or hurt your career prospects, depending on how you use it. If you allow blockage on the professional level to hold you back, you'll have to bide your time until it passes. If you let everyone know beforehand that they're dead if they cross you, you'll have it made. You don't actually have to be ready or inclined to be forceful, but others should hear that you are and as a result, back off. The result can be a regeneration of your reputation kicked up a notch. Avoid being tagged as a roadblock, rather as one powerful in your field and willing to exercise it. The best defense is what others see as a really tough offense.

Pluto Conjunction Midheaven


You may find this is just the right time to curry favor with higher-ups and those well-placed to assist or invest in you. To succeed, however, you will have to be ready to commit to obligations in return that you should take a closer look at. What comes easily now may weigh you down in the future, so choose your responsibilities with care. Extra dividends come from children, and opportunities to enjoy yourself physically turn up unannounced, almost gift-wrapped. Creative thoughts come to mind especially linked to past events, which can come to fruition as you finally put on the finishing touches. Follow your instincts and let the pieces fall together by themselves.

Node in Eleventh House


Featured Planets

When selected Lunar Return positions occupy the same spaces as bodies in your natal chart, this highlights certain natal inclinations for the month. It will mean that certain elements in your fundamental character will be emphasized both internally externally. These will be the areas that most appear to represent you for the moment and that others will seize upon as entry points to your personality. These are the areas in which you can put your best foot forward to make the most effective and gratifying steps ahead, providing your first line of challenges and opportunities to embrace the world.

Saturn Highlighted by Sun

Your ability to do less with more and come out with lasting results will be put in the spotlight, as will be your capacity to sustain your efforts and exercise authority within your personal territory. If you appear to have your act together, this month will be remembered as the time you demonstrated it and will enhance your credibility for some time to come. Thus, in a unique way, challenges become opportunities, restrictions become bulwarks, and working with less means being able to travel lighter and faster. Don't be afraid to be seen as a taskmaster, either to yourself or others, as the extra discipline you show now can make the month, and months beyond.


Ascendant Highlighted by Mercury

How you look and your physical presence will be highlighted at critical events this month, which means if you want it to happen, show up and don't send in a substitute or a note from your teacher. Get in there and get recognized, remembering as you do that you may be establishing a new groove that you can either dance in or get stuck in down the line. So, spruce up, practice your moves, and get onto the floor where you can be in the thick of things. Steps you execute now you will be remembered for, at least until the next set, so step lively and step well. Put your best foot forward, jump into the ring.


Daily Events: Jul 03, 2008


As the Moon speeds on through the month, the minute hand of your Lunar Return, it moves through all twelve houses of both your natal chart and the Lunar Return chart, as well as hitting both sets of planets. These are the times to look for specific events that activate these parts of your monthly picture and will offer times for making your best moves. There are forty-seven such events, and they repeat every month, but not at the same time or in the same order. Plus, the playing field and basic potentials of each month differ, so each of the basic transits has a different role to play every month, while retaining its core implications. The individual transits begin with the symbolism of the degree at which they occur, followed by an interpretation of their general meaning, and finish with a handful of specific "issues and accents" to address, which they may bring into your life. Finally, your personal Void-of-Course Moon periods will vary widely and are important timing factors in the daily decision-making process, so keep a close eye on them.


Thu Jul 3, 2008 Moon in Cancer

11:46 pm Moon Conjunct Return's Venus

19 Cancer: A fragile miss, representative of proud old blood, is wed by a pompous priest to an eager youth of the new order. SALVAGE

It's a good time to be presenting things in the best possible light and dressing up your reality in its Sunday best. When you look good, you feel good, and you make others around you feel better as well. By surrounding yourself with the trappings of love, desire, wealth, and beauty, you bring those very same elements closer to you, so indulge yourself in order to attract the future wherewithal of self-indulgence. In other words, consider play to be an investment in the future as one good thing leads to another.

Issues and Accents: indulgence, children, applause, faithfulness, cosmetics


Fri Jul 4, 2008 Moon in Cancer (Enters Leo at 06:16 pm)

06:14 am Moon Void Ends: 06:16 pm

02:59 pm Moon Enters Return's 5th House

28 Cancer: An American Indian girl, college trained but returned to her people, seeks to win their friendship for her lover. ALLEGIANCE

Making the most of playtime can do as well for you as the most earnest work, and setting time aside for recreation and generally creative pursuits will serve to refuel and reinspire the rest of the month. The works of your life are your children as much as any son or daughter, and when they are conceived and nurtured in love, the result can only bring reward. So, listen to the natural soul inside and take some time now to bring those inner voices into the sunshine.

Issues and Accents: pleasure, bravado, exposure, sensuality, supremacy

05:05 pm Moon Void (Personal) Ends: 06:16 pm


Sat Jul 5, 2008 Moon in Leo

05:31 am Moon Enters Natal 3rd House

7 Leo: The night heavens are seen in their wonder as on the desert when the moon is dark; the constellations are at play. UNIVERSALITY

Getting the word out, making connections, tying people and things together are the focus, and you can expect more phone and mail activity than usual, so adjust your schedule accordingly. It's a good time for touching base, but not ideal for in-depth conversations which may be put off until you have more time to get into them. Technical matters, networking, and anything that involves media are on the front burner, and machines can take on a life of their own, albeit briefly.

Issues and Accents: attentiveness, reminders, abbreviation, schemes, replacement

01:41 pm Moon Void (Personal) Ends: Jul 06, 2008 09:04 pm


Sun Jul 6, 2008 Moon in Leo (Enters Virgo at 09:04 pm)

04:33 pm Moon Enters Return's 6th House

28 Leo: Innumerable little birds have settled down upon one large tree; they chirp happily to each other in endless rows. VARIETY

The daily structure of your life and work is often taken for granted and so can fall into disrepair. This is a time to reinvent the ordinary and make it special, to see that the habits and methods that make up your daily operations actually serve the purposes for which they were intended. By being a do-it-yourself efficiency expert, you can make this month more productive and less boringly repetitious. If it works, embrace it. If it doesn't, erase it.

Issues and Accents: files, fault-finding, dining, healing, pets

07:54 pm Moon Enters Natal 4th House

30 Leo: Into a letter is poured vital and confidential information; it is folded carefully, but the envelope is not sealed. CONFIDENCE

A general inclination to hold back and go inside for inspiration holds sway, which can lead you to tend home affairs or simply to withdraw a safe distance to consider what's important and what your next move will be. Similarly, it's a good time to refine defense strategies and patch up those fences that separate you from the neighbors and the outside world, literally and figuratively. When you are sure of your boundaries, you can more safely go beyond them.

Issues and Accents: basement, cellar, fixtures, apartment, dinner

08:05 pm Moon Void Ends: 09:04 pm

11:01 pm Moon Conjunct Return's Mars

2 Virgo: A simple but impressively large white cross has been set up in splendid isolation on top of a commanding eminence. LOCATION

A quick, deft thrust can slay your quarry, but shooting from the hip risks overwhelming return fire. Rash actions seated in annoyance or anger can do a lot more damage than just sitting on your hands and waiting it out. Forceful action can carry the day, but only if it's well thought out and comes from a cool head, not a hot heart. The opportunity here lies in knowing when to pass and let someone else make the mistake, after which you may capitalize upon it.

Issues and Accents: hate, machinery, violence, insults, intoxication


Mon Jul 7, 2008 Moon in Virgo

05:26 am Moon Conjunct Return's Saturn

5 Virgo: A man lies dreaming in the shade of an Irish countryside; his dreams bring to him the playful little people. OUTLOOK

Setting limits and downsizing some of your operations may be just what you need to get a tighter focus and better utilize limited resources. This may at first seem a downer, but it's really a matter of putting quality over quantity. You cannot be all things to all people, so you have to select what role you can effectively play and divert your assets to support it. Carefully-chosen sacrifices allow all your guns to bear on the target you can't afford to miss.

Issues and Accents: Saturday, fidelity, barriers, chronic ailments, comparison


Tue Jul 8, 2008 Moon in Virgo

10:25 pm Moon Enters Return's 7th House

28 Virgo: A bald-headed man in uniform completely dominates an assembly of men: diplomats, scientists, and industrialists. EMINENCE

There is no greater opportunity in life than another person, and your ability to partner well now can turn this period into a cornucopia of possibilities that would not be available operating solo. Don't expect to luck into a good relationship - the best ones are carefully built and meticulously tended. Creating and maintaining space for both to operate comfortably in is the key to making a partnership more than just two people making do. Tend to each other's houses and hearts.

Issues and Accents: wives, matrimony, inequality, estrangement, meetings


Wed Jul 9, 2008 Moon in Virgo (Enters Libra at 03:32 am)

02:10 am Moon Void (Personal) Ends: 03:32 am

02:21 am Moon Void Ends: 03:32 am

08:11 pm Moon Conjunct Natal Pluto

9 Libra: Three Old Masters hang together in an art gallery; they have a room to themselves and seem to hold converse. SAGACITY

The inclination may be to push through to get your way, that for the moment the end justifies the means. Stand back and take another look, however, and you might decide otherwise. When you simply "must" do or have something, you probably shouldn't - at least not to the degree you are contemplating. Such feelings are signals that can get you in better touch with deeper emotions and are better used in that cause rather than in the service of a quick ego boost.

Issues and Accents: coercion, faith, intemperance, alibis, the unknown

11:24 pm Moon Enters Natal 5th House

11 Libra: A kindly old professor from his battered desk looks out over his eyeglasses at a class eagerly awaiting his words. KINDLINESS

This is a very open time of month, when spontaneity and warm feelings can flow more easily, and the creative and romantic urges compete to hold sway. A good time for connecting with children or for taking a little time off for fun and frolic. Risk-taking is easier, and you're likely better at it now, though don't go out on a limb unless you're sure. Don't push for concrete steps, but go with the flow and let things happen and the results will surprise and delight.

Issues and Accents: treats, self-possession, clothes, narcissism, superiority


Thu Jul 10, 2008 Moon in Libra


Fri Jul 11, 2008 Moon in Libra (Enters Scorpio at 01:35 pm)

01:09 am Moon Void (Personal) Ends: 01:35 pm

08:05 am Moon Enters Return's 8th House

28 Libra: A man stands alone in surrounding gloom; were his eyes open to spirit things, he would see helping angels arriving. ANIMATION

Financial self-reliance is a goal, but sometimes it's better to gamble with other people's money than your own. A carefully-wrought juggling act of balancing borrowed stakes with retooling and refitting your own personal resources can serve you as well as gold in a safe deposit box. Extra baggage that you eliminate right now will make that whole process work more efficiently, so what you can't reclaim for reuse, spin off as gifts or collateral.

Issues and Accents: threats, possessions, endings, debt, harm

12:14 pm Moon Void Ends: 01:35 pm

06:14 pm Moon Conjunct Natal Uranus

3 Scorpio: At a clearing in pioneer days in the forest, all the neighbors have gathered to assist in a happy house-raising. ALLIANCE

The urge to think or act impetuously offers both risk and opportunity. A sudden change of direction or a new direction entirely can put you way ahead of the game, or get you thrown out of it. But, if it's within reason, fly with it and see what happens - nothing ventured, nothing gained. The best maneuvers often burst out full-blown like Athena from Zeus's brow. Don't be impatient with others who may not go along, and be ready to accept consequences, for good or ill.

Issues and Accents: freedom, nerves, reforms, competition, machinery


Sat Jul 12, 2008 Moon in Scorpio


Sun Jul 13, 2008 Moon in Scorpio

03:15 am Moon Enters Natal 6th House

19 Scorpio: A wise old parrot has been listening attentively to the conversation and preening himself; now he begins to talk. REPAYMENT

This period has a bit of a "back to work" flavor, where picking up stitches and buttoning down projects is the flavor of the day. Where you have gotten off schedule, either at work or in your personal habits or health regiment, now is the time to make the correction and get back on track. By strengthening routine so it runs by itself, you free your hands for more important things down the line and prevent untimely trip-ups from overlooked details at the last minute.

Issues and Accents: doctors, deference, craftsmanship, distress, humility

01:05 pm Moon Void Ends: Jul 14, 2008 01:50 am

07:04 pm Moon Enters Return's 9th House

27 Scorpio: Scintillating with the flash of the instruments and the colors of banners and uniforms, a military band is marching. INTREPIDITY

Is your life cinema verite, or is there a plan? Now's the time to invent the latter or improve on what you've got. Dead reckoning can get you where you're going, but why not have a map? This is a good time for establishing the lay of the land, getting that aerial overview that confirms where you've been, where you are, and where you're going. You needn't rush off on the journey, just turn it around in your mind until you have a good grip on the possibilities it offers.

Issues and Accents: contemplation, voyages, telecommunication, incompatibility, ethics


Mon Jul 14, 2008 Moon in Scorpio (Enters Sagittarius at 01:50 am)

00:22 am Moon Void (Personal) Ends: 01:50 am

01:33 pm Moon Conjunct Natal Moon's Node

6 Sagittarius: There is a great display of colorful coming and going in a large concourse of people; it is a cricket game. NICETY

Commitments undertaken at this time may last longer and require more of you than you now anticipate, so don't sign on the dotted line until you have read the fine print. And, don't casually say yes to something you don't really mean, because you may be held emotionally or financially accountable for it. This is a time to fine-tune your honor and become more closely aware of your emotional responsibilities, and realize just how much your behavior affects others.


Tue Jul 15, 2008 Moon in Sagittarius

01:28 am Moon Conjunct Natal Neptune

12 Sagittarius: In a curious allegorical transformation, a flag becomes an eagle, and the eagle becomes chanticleer triumphant. PREPARATION

Intuition runs strong for a bit, and chances are that hunch you have is correct, even if you can't put your finger on it or give a reason for your predictions. The same goes for your people-antennae, which are particularly tuned in to the feelings of those around you. It's easy to drift off into a daydream, or simply fog out at a cocktail party. Operating heavy machinery, however, is less than recommended. Don't try to dream and drive at the same time.

Issues and Accents: alcohol, charities, stealth, credentials, faith

04:20 pm Moon Enters Natal 7th House

20 Sagittarius: The pond has been deeply frozen for weeks; now the men and machinery are at work cutting out the summer's ice. INTERVENTION

Personal relationships can be put into focus now, and you may find that you can share your emotions and responsibilities with a partner who will take a load off your back. By giving credit where it's due and avoiding competition or jealously you will find you often receive more than you give, but then that is what usually results from an open hand and heart. Fairness is at a premium right now, so go out of your way to see that everyone is on an equal playing field.

Issues and Accents: opponents, prejudice, half-truths, irresponsibility, matchmakers


Wed Jul 16, 2008 Moon in Sagittarius (Enters Capricorn at 02:20 pm)

08:23 am Moon Enters Return's 10th House

28 Sagittarius: A splendidly built bridge, a heritage of unknown ages, still spans the beautiful and wildly primitive stream. STURDINESS

What people believe you are often seems more important than what you really are, so crafting your public image is critical for success. This is always a mix of real achievements mixed with what's in the eye of the beholder, so make sure that you have both working for you. Find out now what other people, especially your peers, are saying about you and provide information to turn the opinion polls your way. Sometimes a spin doctor is more valuable than an M.D.

Issues and Accents: qualifications, gravity, self-restraint, command, landlords

12:44 pm Moon Void Ends: 02:20 pm

12:54 pm Moon Void (Personal) Ends: 02:20 pm

01:20 pm Moon Conjunct Return's Pluto

30 Sagittarius: A picture of regal and sacerdotal pomp and glory reveals itself; the Pope is holding an audience in his palace. SANCTITY

You may have to briefly force someone's hand in order to win this round, but that's all part of the game, so don't flinch at the possible necessity. Also don't be surprised if turnabout is fair play and you find yourself the subject of a force play. The bottom line is to remember that it's more than just your game and you can only win if everybody gets to the finish line. Don't try to overwhelm pockets of resistance, however, as a Pyrrhic victory is an empiric defeat.

Issues and Accents: microbes, new beginnings, mysteries, mistakes, plants


Thu Jul 17, 2008 Moon in Capricorn

06:11 pm Moon Enters Natal 8th House

14 Capricorn: A vast pile of Mayan ruins in tropical America discloses a perfectly preserved bas-relief carved in the granite. REPUTE

Credit can be looked at creatively and used to maximum effect, with particular attention to raising your limits without overtaxing yourself. Recycling efforts may pay off by repurposing something you would have otherwise disposed of. A glance back to the old ways of doing things can inspire and even pay off as you realize there's nothing really new under the sun. Taking out the trash, once you have decided what it really is, can feel like a fresh, new start.

Issues and Accents: fees, intimacy, gratuities, accountants, reciprocity


Fri Jul 18, 2008 Moon in Capricorn

02:34 am Moon Conjunct Return's Jupiter

19 Capricorn: A little miss of about five has gone to the market with a huge shopping bag and is quite as adult as anybody. FUTURITY

Positive thinking and a generous imagination can now set the stage for increased opportunity and a bigger piece of the pie. The only limits you have are those you impose upon yourself, and now is not the time to do that. Think big, not only for yourself but for those involved with you, so that win-win situations can blossom and lead to ever-expanding possibilities for all concerned. When you invest in others, you invest in yourself, paying dividends to your posterity.

Issues and Accents: growth, accumulation, charity, honesty, journeys

01:21 pm Moon Conjunct Natal Mars

24 Capricorn: The convent lies between gnarled old trees as a very picture of peace, and a woman approaches this sure haven. RESCUE

You may find yourself running into brief spells of irritability and/or impatience, when you want to get on with things but your way appears blocked. It's easy to get into a fight, perhaps even easy to win one, but it's not a good time to choose one. Avoid quarrelsome and contentious people who might get your goat and remember that most battles aren't worth fighting. Snap judgments are usually the worst, and you can't regret mistakes you don't make.

Issues and Accents: daring, intolerance, danger, heat, virility

06:00 pm Full Moon

27 Capricorn: A party of anchorites are making a mountain pilgrimage, and in view lie both the busy world and the quiet way ahead. DUALITY

Full Moon in Natal 8th House
If you've been chasing down that extra credit line, looking for a better deal on a mortgage or equity loan, this is a likely time to pull it all together, as long as you've got all your ducks in a row. That may mean scrambling for some last minute details or information to make it under a deadline, but there's real potential here. It's also good psychic weather for putting the finishing touches on restoration projects, picking up that antique you've been chasing down, and clearing out the cobwebs that may have been settling on lesser-used items. You'll have the courage to toss out those useless things you've been hoarding, and the burst of freedom will do you good. The theme: finish clearing the decks for action.

Full Moon in Return 10th House
Coming to some final conclusions about the current direction of your career would be in order now. This is not the time to make permanent decisions or try radically new directions, but analysis of just how successful your strategies have been would be a good idea. This especially applies to observing how others view what you are doing, as external cooperation and support are essential to shoring up even the highest accomplishments. If your efforts have not been bringing applause, it might be time to rethink your strategies and pick a more crowd-pleasing approach. You bank on your reputation more than you might think, so make sure there is sufficient in your account.

Issues and Accents: savings, liabilities, discounts, love, self-transformation

06:00 pm Moon Void Ends: Jul 19, 2008 01:41 am

09:46 pm Moon Enters Return's 11th House

28 Capricorn: A large aviary built as a wing of a rural mansion reveals a host of singing and contented feathered citizens. LIGHTNESS

What you can't do for yourself, maybe your friends can do for you, and a friend in need is a friend, indeed. You don't want to tap your nearest and dearest too often, but asking for help and support occasionally is part of what makes friendship, and you might do that now, even if you're not terribly in need, just to keep relations from getting rusty. A little mutual admiration can go a long way towards lifting your esprit de corps, and a heartfelt hug beats a handshake.

Issues and Accents: manipulation, potential, rebellion, defiance, longings


Sat Jul 19, 2008 Moon in Capricorn (Enters Aquarius at 01:41 am)

00:16 am Moon Void (Personal) Ends: 01:41 am

02:54 pm Moon Enters Natal 9th House

7 Aquarius: In a phantasy presented by the children of an exclusive school, a huge egg cracks to reveal a cherubic miss. DIRECTNESS

This can be an ideal time for those long conversations and ambitious exploration of new mental and emotional territories. Your reach feels greater than before and you are only limited for the moment to what you can imagine, leaving the details for later. You can stand back and examine the big picture and chart your way through it. Travel broadens the mind, whether it be a physical trip or an armchair journey of the mind. Believe in what you conceive, and it will come true.

Issues and Accents: consequences, suggestions, magnanimity, appointments, advertising

09:25 pm Moon Conjunct Natal Mercury

11 Aquarius: An artist has withdrawn from friends and all accustomed haunts to be alone with a new inspiration just forming. POWER

Sudden inclinations to figure things out and think things through are definitely the way to go, and it's a good time to put it down in writing lest you forget it. That's also a good idea because schemes hatched now may be somewhat colored by feelings of the moment that can be wisely edited out after a second look. Keep it simple and don't get bogged down in details for the time being and you can cover multiple topics and issues, solve multiple problems while the inspiration lasts.

Issues and Accents: keys, children, vocabulary, perception, time management


Sun Jul 20, 2008 Moon in Aquarius

00:19 am Moon Void (Personal) Ends: Jul 21, 2008 11:09 am

05:18 pm Moon Conjunct Return's Moon's Node

21 Aquarius: Leaving the room is a well-groomed and striking and conspicuously solitary woman, long disappointed and disillusioned. HOMAGE

This is a time when the fox comes into view and the chase is begun, but you may not want to participate in the hunt, so take stock before you go galloping off. The opportunity for emotional or financial attachments and the responsibilities they entail may be something you want to pass on for the moment. Today's blithe commitment all too often becomes tomorrow's burden, so be sure that you really want it before you saddle yourself with more than you may want to carry. This does not mean avoid commitment altogether, but that many call and only a few should be chosen.

11:37 pm Moon Conjunct Return's Neptune

24 Aquarius: A man obviously of the world has turned his back on passion and is giving people a deep and undying wisdom. DISPASSION

Trust your feelings and try to harness your intuition, which is favored. Although goals are different from dreams, you must dream to have goals, and it's at times like this they are born. The seeds of the future are borne on the wind, and when reveries come to roost, the fantasies of tomorrow become the accomplishments of today. But like a hall of mirrors, only one of the images is you, and you will have to find out which one that is, in order to make it come true.

Issues and Accents: illusions, holidays, sympathy, forgetfulness, capriciousness


Mon Jul 21, 2008 Moon in Aquarius (Enters Pisces at 11:09 am)

06:16 am Moon Enters Return's 12th House

28 Aquarius: The pioneer cottage is prepared for winter's rigors with a tree felled and sawed for fuel and all else in order. REWARD

Behind-the-scenes maneuvering can go a long way toward setting you up for the main event, so don't feel you have to tell all right now to get things done. What you don't know can hurt you, so some non-invasive information-gathering on the sly may be just what you need to take some time for right now. Honesty is the best policy, but do no harm is the bottom line. The less said the better right now, and actions will speak louder than words when the time comes.

Issues and Accents: solitude, elusiveness, disavowal, decline, sympathy

09:26 am Moon Void Ends: 11:09 am

09:53 am Moon Enters Natal 10th House

30 Aquarius: A mystic moonlit field near the site of a mystic and traditional Babylon has sprung into delicate white bloom. RETROSPECT

Professional considerations should be looked at and adjustments made to see that your name is recognized and respected among your peers. While your attention is on it, touch up that resume, touch up your image, and take some time to advertise yourself. Make mileage out of compliments and take credit where it is due. Follow up leads and don't be shy about blowing your own horn, as long as you can truly live up to what you promise. Time to wave the flag - yours.

Issues and Accents: power, patience, certification, father, planning

05:50 pm Moon Conjunct Natal Sun

4 Pisces: The narrow isthmus between two summer resorts, both sparkling with life, carries crowded holiday traffic safely. DELIVERY

This is likely your second most active time of the month, as your inner energies get a boost and you are more likely to be in for some ego-stroking. As greater energy and enthusiasm flow, so do the opportunities to expend them, so you might take care not to overdo things or you'll drain yourself. This has a "launch-pad" feel to it, so make sure new endeavors begun now are birthed with a steady hand, as well begun is half done and you don't want slips at the starting gate.

Issues and Accents: entertainment, energy, self-centeredness, publicity, fever


Tue Jul 22, 2008 Moon in Pisces


Wed Jul 23, 2008 Moon in Pisces (Enters Aries at 06:23 pm)

05:03 am Moon Conjunct Return's Uranus

23 Pisces: A huge hulk of a woman medium has gone into trance and around her are entities continually forming and dissolving. PHENOMENA

Taking risks on sudden, far-out ideas may generally be inadvisable, but this may be just the time to do it. Sudden flashes of insight may cut through the normal, humdrum solutions and start you thinking out of the box. Don't just throw caution to the winds, but don't hesitate to try something new and different this month if it seems appropriate to the occasion. Remember, however, that doing so may change more than you think and could have you off balance unless you take a flexible stance.

08:03 am Moon Conjunct Natal Jupiter

25 Pisces: Ecclesiastical reform of drastic nature is in progress and a purged and purified priestcraft opens a new ministry. REFORMATION

Look for circumstances to further your good fortune and new ways to develop that further your agenda. This is aided by a generally positive, can-do attitude and a feeling that it's all going to work out for the best. And that's an approach that can make for excellent self-fulfilling prophecies. Generosity is the first option, which tends to be returned in kind, and a feeling of being in touch with the general operating system of life gives insight to the heart as well as the head.

01:28 pm Moon Enters Return's 1st House

28 Pisces: Night has seemed light as day, and in the odd shadows of diffuse whiteness the fertile fields appear quite alive. FULLNESS

This marks a period when it will benefit you most to use your personality as the winning card in any game you are playing. It's the time to make that sale, impress that client, charm that lover, play to the audience. Don't try to impress them with statistics or your track record, just wow 'em with the way you come on, with the conviction you have in what you present. This is the month's window for being on-stage, so take the opportunity to light up when it's presented.

04:40 pm Moon Void Ends: 06:23 pm

05:05 pm Moon Conjunct Natal Venus

30 Pisces: Nathanial Hawthorne's conception of the Great Stone Face has been brought to fruition in a huge mountain carving. CULMINATION

Take the opportunity to express the warmth you feel and don't hesitate to display your social charms in a fertile, group context. Flattery will get you everywhere, so you can safely lay it on thick. Self-improvement and beautification are the way to go, but self-indulgence can slip into the middle, so watch that you don't overdo things because you just can't help yourself. Impluse buying is easy to do - be kind to yourself, but watch your wallet.

05:05 pm Moon Void (Personal) Ends: 06:23 pm


Thu Jul 24, 2008 Moon in Aries

01:05 pm Moon Enters Natal 11th House

11 Aries: The president of the republic or ruler of his country is presented. IDEALIZATION

This is a good time to look to close friends for support, either as backing for endeavors you need help with or just for general emotional support and refueling. It's also a good time to tap into others' creativity when your own inspiration well runs a bit dry, and you'll find yourself refreshed as a result. In a similar vein, you may also want to tap into higher resources, both spiritually and financially, to pick up some of their overflow for yourself.

Issues and Accents: hold outs, committees, familiarity, misgivings, suspicion


Fri Jul 25, 2008 Moon in Aries (Enters Taurus at 11:15 pm)

12:21 pm Moon Void (Personal) Ends: 11:15 pm

06:27 pm Moon Enters Return's 2nd House

28 Aries: A large audience is seen rejoicing in some disillusionment to which it has just been subjected. ADJUSTMENT

This month's finances are best dealt with, or at least planned for, during this two-day stretch. Make decisions, allocate funds, plan a budget, write checks, anything that can go towards wrapping up your money issues for the month. Once these issues are out of the way, you can move on to networking on your next set of issues. This is the time to count your recent winnings, impact any losses, and see what your bottom line is going to fund for you in the near future.

Issues and Accents: reform, winnings, content, materials, furnishings

09:31 pm Moon Void Ends: 11:15 pm


Sat Jul 26, 2008 Moon in Taurus


Sun Jul 27, 2008 Moon in Taurus

07:15 am Moon Enters Natal 12th House

19 Taurus: A newly formed continent is seen, fresh and green within its setting of interminable ocean. ORIGINALITY

This is likely the quiet time of the month, a lull in traffic, the calm before the storm of renewed energy that will follow. Retreat and contemplation, with resultant renewal and regrouping, are favored pursuits. Use down time to reconsider your options and make sure you are really on the right course. Inner challenges you grapple with and resolve now will result in more focused and effective action when the time comes for it, which will be shortly.

Issues and Accents: disarray, treachery, atonement, charity, stealth

02:53 pm Moon Void Ends: Jul 28, 2008 01:56 am

08:22 pm Moon Enters Return's 3rd House

27 Taurus: A hopelessly withered old Indian squaw, with a clear light persisting in beady eyes, is selling trinkets. INTERCHANGE

It takes a village to get anything done, which means to get things moving you've got to talk to everybody in town. If you take this time to be the great communicator and unify your social network you will find there are plenty of hands to go around to get it all done. Open new avenues of discussion that focus not on theory but on everyday nitty-gritty, things that grease the skids for all concerned and avoid wasted time by getting rid of repetition, misunderstandings.

Issues and Accents: back up, contracts, opinions, language, questions


Mon Jul 28, 2008 Moon in Taurus (Enters Gemini at 01:56 am)

00:44 am Moon Void (Personal) Ends: 01:56 am

11:31 am Moon Conjunct Moon's South Node

6 Gemini: In flaring artificial light, amid ghostly steam escaping through the rigging, grimy workmen are drilling for oil. SPECULATION


Tue Jul 29, 2008 Moon in Gemini

09:18 am Moon Enters Natal 1st House

20 Gemini: A self-service restaurant, the cafeteria such as originated in Los Angeles, displays its inviting steam tables. SUPPLY

This is likely your most interesting and active time of the month, when you can project yourself more convincingly and with greater force than at any other time. It's the time to get things done in person, face-to-face, rather than by mail or phone, as your ability to project yourself is at a peak, as is the inclination of others to accept you at face value. It's a period to make extra space in your schedule, as you're likely to have more to do than you expect.

Issues and Accents: self-improvement, self-pity, disavowal, advice, self-denial

11:37 am Moon Conjunct Return's Mercury

21 Gemini: A throbbing mass of humanity has packed the confines of a city square; it is a labor demonstration. IMPETUOUSNESS

This is a time for clearing things up and attempting to be particularly lucid about your current set of plans. New insights can be worked into the picture and details laid out to those who need to be in the know. Bounce ideas off other heads to see a less subjective view of your schemata, then proceed to set things into motion before you lose the freshness of the inspiration. Though feelings may compel, you're best off right now with only what can be expressed clearly in words.

Issues and Accents: critics, hair, alertness, research, checks

10:22 pm Moon Enters Return's 4th House

28 Gemini: A man is leaving a courtroom with mixed feelings of relief and determination; he has just passed through bankruptcy. EXEMPT

Attention to laying the foundations of what you are going to do and be for the month is the order of the day. Build from the ground up and don't start on the first floor until the basement is done. You don't have to complete it all right now, but have the order determined and your materials ordered so you don't have to go back and draw up altered plans later. Where you've already put it all together (or mostly), tidy up the joint, set your house in order.

Issues and Accents: drink, concealment, collections, retirement, hurt feelings


Wed Jul 30, 2008 Moon in Gemini (Enters Cancer at 03:12 am)

01:26 am Moon Void Ends: 03:12 am

02:01 am Moon Void (Personal) Ends: 03:12 am

10:44 pm Moon Conjunct Return's Sun

12 Cancer: A slant-eyed Chinese woman is nursing a baby, and about the child is the glorious nimbus of divine incarnation. OBJECTIVITY

The heart of the matter and the main focus of the month gets its greatest boost now, even if it may not seem so at the moment, so keep your eyes wide open and be ready to jump to the tune when it starts to play. It's a time to whip up enthusiasm, not necessarily to get down to brass tacks, so put on a happy face and spread good feelings around, even if nothing else seems to get done. By engendering warmth and excitement, you focus the flood in your direction and partake not only of your own energy, but the environmental electricity flowing down your wire.

Issues and Accents: loyalty, self-confidence, ardor, will, commanders

11:17 pm Moon Conjunct Natal Saturn

13 Cancer: A hand, which is held out receptively, is remarkable for the suggestion of character in its prominent thumb. DETERMINATION

If you are tempted to highlight your insufficiencies, do so in the interest of a better and less wasteful existence. When things suddenly stall, it's usually for a reason, and now's the time to find out why. Don't bash yourself, do improve yourself, you can't overcome your limitations until you truly know what they are. Similarly, limitations are often imposed because you haven't made sufficient use of what's already on your plate. Say grace, and you'll receive grace.

Issues and Accents: fatigue, disappointments, confinement, diligence, punctuality