Relating Astrology 

With Yourself, Your Hidden Selves and Your Significant Others

Astrological Consultations Available
in Mosman NSW

Consultations are available for every aspect of relationship with yourself, your partner, children, friends, work colleagues and so on.

Our primary relationship is of course with ourselves and the extent to which we are self aware and self managing, determines the quality of relationship encountered with others.

An astrological consultation helps identify the strengths as well as vulnerabilities and challenges that we are likely to face within ourselves and in relation to others.

An astrological consulation is able to take into consideration every aspect of life. All consultations include and accurate rectification of birth time. (Cost for one hour's consultation is $AUD165.00.)

Prior to your consultation you may request a full beautifully bound written report to be ready for you to take home. These make a wonderful keepsake for future referral. (Cost of each written report is $AUD50.00. An additional fee of $5.00 applies for postage.)

Reports may also be requested as a unique gift for a special someone at birthday or Christmas time. The Solar Return Report makes a great birthday gift and for Christmas the Transits and Progessions Report makes for a wonderful gift that will last all year. These reports may be ordered online and posted if required direct to the recipient's address.

For a full list of available reports - click here!

Following are some ideas for a consultation:

Full Natal Chart interpretation:
This consulation includes accurate rectification of birth time. This consultation will highlight personality characteristics, sense of identity, career choices, what is needed to feel loved, motivations, emotional needs, primary wounding, soul's direction of growth, past life experience and more.

Relationship coaching for couples
This consultation aims to facilitate understanding of the nature of the relationship including strengths and challenges and how to overcome the likely obstacles a couple may face during their time together. This consultation takes into consideration both Relationship Synastry (how each person's individual chart aspects their partner's) and the Composite Chart (a separate chart showing the nature of the relationship based on the midpoint calculation of the couple's individual charts).

Solar Return Chart interpretation
The Solar Return Chart is calculated for a specific birthday when the Sun returns to its exact natal position as when you were born. This consultation highlights where the focus of attention will be for that particular year until the next birthday and the astrological aspects that will have the greatest impact on how the year is likely to play out.

Transits and Progressions
During this consultation you will learn where the transiting planets are now are in relation to your own Natal Chart and what impact they are likely to have on your psychological well being. This may or may not manifest in corresponding external events also taking place in your life. Taking into account your Progressed Natal Chart, also indicates how your personality has changed over time and may also describe the nature of possible events likely to occur in a specific time frame.

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