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Astrology as a science

A Natal Chart presents us with a blueprint of our inherent characteristics which will unfold during the lifetime. Whether or not the unique planetary configurations reach their full potential depends on the free will of the individual and their level of awareness or consciousness of what is possible.

The art of interpretation

An astrological consultation with a competent astrologer is how the art of interpretation may reveal the meaning behind the symbolic language that describes the dance needing to be experienced.

Music can be either harmonic or discordant , depending on the intervals between notes. Planetary configurations can also be either harmonic or discordant and indicate whether the energies represented will flow easily or be more challenging.

During an astrological consultation these harmonies and discords can be easily identified. This gives the individual or “native” accurate information about their life’s challenges and how to best overcome them.


By using a scientific representation of the planetary positions at birth, an astrological consultation will provide an interpretation of what psychological characteristics each planet represents, how they wish to be expressed and what area of life they wish to best be experienced.

Relationship Astrology

Just as an individual Natal Chart will reveal much about a particular person - a chart comparison between two people will reveal the dance that will be played out in a couple relationship.

Relationship chart comparison is called Synastry and is very useful in identifying areas of compatibility and likely friction or challenges.

Another chart called the Composite Chart represents the couple relationship as a separate entity. This is accomplished by using the midpoint position between each planet in one chart and that of the other. Then a new chart representing the nature of the relationship is created which can indicate the purpose of that relationship and identify the challenges and strengths of the relationship as a whole.

The Shadow

Even if a person is not engaged in an intimate relationship with a significant other, the relationship that the individual has with themselves is even more important.

If certain parts of the personality are disowned either through rejection, denial or simple lack of awareness - then these parts usually present themselves in one way or another.

We may find certain people objectionable or admirable depending on our attitude to the disowned or unacknowledged parts of ourselves.

An Astrological Consultation can identify these aspects of the personality known as the shadow in Jungian psychology. This provides the awareness so that appropriate choices can be made for the best expression of these energies for the individual.

Changes through Time

Solar Return Charts are cast for when the natal sun returns to the exact degree as the birth chart. This may be the actual birthday or sometimes it can be the day before. This chart represents where the focus of energies will be for the upcoming year and what areas of life will be most important.

The Progressed Natal Chart and Transits to the Natal chart can also identify what the native is likely to experience psychologically at any given time which may or not coincide with external events.

Relationship Astrology


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